Benefits of corporate outdoor activities

7 Powerful benefits of corporate outdoor activities

“Travel helps you see the world through a new perspective”

Looking for some better options to get your office team in bonding? Maybe you need a weekend getaway where you can enjoy and chill out. Why not think about a corporate outdoor activity to get things started on a marvelous note?
Corporate outdoor games, sports, and activities are becoming extremely popular among companies, across the world. Employers are understanding the importance of incentive travel as a means to get their employees to bond with their colleagues and feel refreshed after a long, hard week in the boardroom. Need some more reasons why you should consider corporate outdoor activities? Here are 7 great benefits of corporate outdoor activities.

1. Builds team spirit
Outdoor corporate games and sports help foster strong team spirit. Colleagues learn that the only way forward is by helping each other. All games and interactive activities are designed with a hidden learning. If one team member is slow or needs help, the only way the team can succeed is by helping him / her. Joint success is better than individual conquest.

2. Creates team discipline
Corporate outdoor activities, such as treks, demand a certain level of discipline from participants. For instance, if anyone is late, the whole team suffers. Activities are designed to foster a sense of co-operation within the team members and an understanding of the challenges faced by the group leader.

3. Eases out communication
Communication is the pillar on which most successful relationships depend. Often, difficult targets and stressful deadlines can lead to misunderstandings between colleagues. An outdoor trip combined with fun games and challenges is the perfect recipe to smoothen out tensions and opens channels of communication between your employees.

4. Provides better incentive
Studies show that travel is viewed as a better incentive than hard cash. Cash rewards get mixed up with the salary and spent for routine chores. Travel rewards create memories that will have your employees looking back with fond memories for years after the actual trip is over.

5. Gives management an insight
Corporate outdoor activities have been acknowledged as a powerful means for the management to truly see potential leaders. Employees unknowingly reveal their true selves: whether they are team workers or selfish, whether they are leaders or followers, and who all are willing to stop and help.

6. Improves productivity
There is a direct link between reward and better performance. When your employees’ morale is high, you will start noticing the results in the boardroom. Corporate outdoor activities are based on improving team spirit, encouraging lateral thinking, and improving response under pressure. All these skills will automatically reflect positively on business.

7. Nurtures tough thinking
Activities are challenging and designed with time constraints so you learn to make decisions under pressure. For instance, you go rappelling and one teammate is afraid of heights, or you need to complete a trek before dusk and one participant has a sprained ankle. The ultimate test is thinking laterally in such situations to find solutions that benefit the whole team.