Develop decision making skill in outdoors

Develop decision making skill in outdoors

“The outdoors can turn you into a stronger version of yourself’

Going off on a corporate adventure tour with your co-workers can be a lot of fun. You discover new places together, participate in many games and fun-filled team sports and bond by an overnight bonfire. Nothing like some great camaraderie to break the ice for team members.

Corporate outdoor activities offer much more than a great ambience and a fun time. The activities are designed to impart learning of skills and boost the morale of all participants. Colleagues are truly turned from co-workers to teammates as they learn the importance of joint responsibilities and the true pleasure of shared victory.

An important learning imparted at corporate outdoor activities is decision making skills. Choosing a single course of action among a series of alternatives is often not an easy process. Combine this with time-constraints and you have a ticking time bomb. We are often unprepared to handle situations in our daily life which require us to act fast. Corporate activities help ease the process and help train us subconsciously to handle decision making. This greatly benefits an individual’s personal and professional life.

Taking decisions under pressure
Crucial business decisions are usually made with a lot of pressure factors including profits, targets and so on. Corporate group activities are designed to subliminally provide a brief but necessary exercise in decision making. For instance, if the task involves building a raft for a rowing competition, you have to make the right decisions regarding safety, durability, and speed. You also need to keep in mind that the raft must be built with limited materials in a short span of time. Such situations encourage lateral and creative thinking; skills that come in great use in our daily life.

Taking decisions for the benefit of the group
Taking decisions as a leader can never be easy. You often have to put your own interests behind and take a decision that will equally benefit each of your team members. Moreover, your decisions have to be made keeping the strengths and weaknesses of each person in mind. Corporate team activities are designed to bring up situations that will help test your mettle in different scenarios. For instance, you may need to set up tents and a bonfire within limited time, before dusk. Delegating tasks according to each of your team members’ abilities is an important decision to be made within a short span of time.

Taking decisions with time constraints
Life happens without warning signals. Problems crop up at work or at home and we often need to make up our minds with the clock ticking. Corporate outdoor activities are designed with time constraints to help you think sharp and smart with limited facilities. For example, you are on a trek and you need to reach your destination before sundown. Delegating responsibilities, ensuring everyone begins the day on time and taking decisions to help any participant who is tired or demotivated are crucial exercises in decision making under time constraints.