Developmental Initiatives

Developmental Initiatives

The Developmental Initiatives program represents a powerful course of action to improve employee, team and organizational interaction, communication and collaboration; and to help manage tensions, anger, conflict and crises. The profession of outdoor training is globally respected for its dedicated training, ethics, and systematic processes.

The prime focus of Developmental Initiatives is working on participant’s habits and attitudes. In Developmental Initiatives, the activities would be 50% and debriefing would be 50%. Best strategies are made to deal with factors that hold back, and these strategies are then utilized in the activities that follow, to check their effectiveness and eventually help the participants understand to change behaviors or processes back in office.

Duration-: 2 days and above

How it helps?

Known as one of the best Outbound Training session, Developmental Initiatives comprises of intricate team building dynamics to get participants co-operating and collaborating the resources to achieve common goal. Developmental Initiatives helps in enhancing Problem Solving Skills, Time Management, Communication skills, Motivational Leadership, Risk Management, Planning, Implementation and Decision Making.

This program emphasizes on breaking the barrier of conventional thinking and theoretical methods to solve problems. It also works on building complete creative approach which is encouraged to inculcate innovative thinking.

The Topics Covered In Developmental Initiatives:

  • Team bounding
  • Motivational Leadership development
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Planning/Strategy building
  • How to manage Fear
  • Out of box thinking
  • Risk management
  • Vision building
  • Adaptability
  • Decision making
  • Resource management
  • Testing ideas
  • Pushing beyond comfort zone
  • Time management
  • Shifting Gears when Chips are Down
  • Trust building
  • Winning habit inculcation
  • Synergy building/De-stress
  • Challenge accepting attitude

Whom Is It Recommended For?

  • Established work force
  • New up-coming project
  • When internal conflict is getting in the way of performance
  • When team lacks that additional energy to get going
  • When leadership qualities are to be instilled in work force
  • When shifting the teams from one project to another
  • When completed unsuccessful financial year
  • When long term goals are to be set
  • When Merger or Acquisition would be happening soon
  • When Merger or Acquisition would be happening soon
  • When interdepartmental or interpersonal communication is not up to speed
  • When hectic project/ month or quarter is over
  • When company is going through tough phase
  • When you seek more creative approach to the task in hand

Strongly recommended for:

It is strongly recommended on every quarterly basis, for each and every employee to be in touch with their “Learning Self” and “Creativity”, to recharge and rebuild the energy levels, to maintain the clear vision of “Common Goal” of company, to develop the sense of “One Family” and to remain motivated even during critical moment.