Enhance personal life skill with corporate outdoors

Enhance personal life skill with corporate outdoors


“We often travel to find our true selves”

Corporate tours and expeditions are becoming an increasingly popular means for employers and employees to unwind and bond in the outdoors. And with good reason. Corporate tourism has long been noted for its tremendous role in team bonding. Participating in adventurous activities such as treks, camping, water sports, and relaxing at night by the bonfire, helps ease out the tension of deadlines and targets. Colleagues become friends. Each begins to understand the other in new light.
Corporate tours have so much more to offer. An often-forgotten truth is the fact that corporate tours go above and beyond in enhancing personal life skills of each employee. The various activities and new environment come together to forge a wit of steel and a resolution to succeed while helping others. Here are the top personal life skills that get tested, polished, and strengthened on corporate tours:

1. Adapting to difficult situations
Corporate tours are often conducted as challenging team-sports combined with a stay outdoors in a tent. An unfamiliar outdoor environment is one of the best ways to build character. We often feel very comfortable and secure in our fixed routine in the city. Adapting to different climates and challenges is a learning that you will carry lifelong.

2. Placing fitness on priority
Participating in team sports such as rappelling, trekking, among others, gets you focused on the importance of maintain good health and fitness. One weak link can topple the entire team. This will help each participant understand how in their personal lives, maintaining good health and fitness is of great value. With many lifestyle diseases on the rise, corporate tours place emphasis on physical activity and increasing stamina.

3. Brings out the creative side
Corporate outdoor events often bring out the creative side of people that they forgot they had. It encourages lateral thinking and creative problem solving: two skills that are of extreme importance in our personal lives. For most of us, our fixed daily routines don’t leave any room for our inner creativity to come out. We could have hidden talent for music, sports, art, cooking, or soft-skills. Corporate tours challenge you and bring out the best in you.

4. Learn to stand together
Corporate outdoors encourages team bonding. Activities are built on the premise of teamwork: even if one person drops out, the team fails. If any member of the team slows down or faces some difficulty, the only way forward is for another member to stop and help his teammate. Standing together to face adversities is a skill required in our personal and professional lives. Like the old saying goes, ‘two pairs of hands are better than one’, so we must stand together to face obstacles and succeed in spite of hardship.

5. Time to introspect
Corporate outdoor events and adventures provide a much-needed outlet for built up stress. When the mind is free of worries and deadlines, we get important time and space to introspect. Introspection is a vital part of good health and well-being. We must learn take the time to relax and think about what truly matters in life. It calms us down. This ultimately helps in making important life decisions.