Make your next corporate team outing party a “SUCCESS”

Make your next corporate team outing party a “SUCCESS”


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
This old phrase is hard-hitting and highlights a truth that we habitually do not attention to. The truth is it is not advisable to work all the time since employees would get bored if they don’t manage some time off from work or get recreation.
According to a recent survey, going on corporate team outings every three months, even if the interval is for a few days, is known to increase productivity. Hence, you can’t actually expect your employees to keep functioning hard and be dynamic 24/7 when you don’t let them to take breaks. That is just not rational! Yes, you may not go on picnics and outings every three months, but you can do a lot in just one trip if it is done right. If you are planning to book any of the Team building companies in Mumbai, then you need to ensure that they make it is a grand success. A few key points have been outlined as follows. Keep reading to find out further.

1. Location is more essential than you realize
Whether for a night or for an entire week, the holiday period simply doesn’t matter. What really matters is the place of visit. It should be conveniently accessible, if not, ensure you have good transport facilities obtainable for all the employees. It is of extreme importance that the location must offer some comforts and attractions to keep the employees amused. You don’t want your teams to criticize about how unexciting the trip was!

2. You must have food and refreshment handy
Whether it is a full-course meal, tea or snacks, an open bar or buffet, you must make certain that your employees have the finest gastronomical experience. No, you don’t have to appoint Michelin starred chefs, but at least look for a good one, who keeps the primary level of hygiene and certainly is first-class in terms of taste. In fact, look for corporate tour operators in Mumbai which include food and refreshment as a part of the itinerary.

3. Plan a bunch of adventure activities to involve them
No, we certainly don’t mean passing the parcel or musical chair. Even 9 years old no longer play these games! Although, these old games do have a feeling of nostalgia attached to them, but come on, walking around and fighting for a chair in a company tour is indeed not a great option. The best thing to do is organize bonfire nights or maybe take a fast stroll along the holiday destination. You can request the hotel or the resort to put up a photo-booth shop or one with souvenirs. You can also book some of the best adventure tour companies in Mumbai to deliver some exciting engagement programs and adrenaline rushing activities for the employees.

4. Interaction is fundamental
You may be the one who owns all the decisions, but it is the employees who work hard all year round to help you attain your goals and objectives. With the environment relaxed and everyone apparently free of work stress, it is a good opportunity to interact with them and form a healthier relationship with the employees. Participate in several activities with them. This will aid you all build a better bond! And ensure that no employee gets left out. Therefore, plan your corporate trip keeping in mind these hacks to have a holiday that engraves in the memory. To make prior bookings or get suggestions on the ideal corporate trip spots, get in touch with the best corporate tour operators in the industry.

Remember: Happy employees guarantee hard work! Happy vacationing!