Object Oriented Initiatives

Object Oriented Initiatives

The prime focus of Object Oriented Outbound is ‘Specific Learning Objectives’. In Object Oriented Initiatives, the activities would be 75% and debriefing would be 25%. We thus help enhance organizational performance through experiential learning.

Object Oriented Initiatives usually revolve around activities designed to improve Communication Skills, Leadership, Negotiation, Decision Making & Planning, Creative Approach, Lateral Thinking, Interpersonal Team Dynamics, Motivation, Change of Management and Coordination. Participants are divided into teams and given suitable tasks or activities for completion in a particular time frame.

Duration – 1-2 Days

How it helps?

Also known as ‘Outdoor Management Development Training Session’, Object Oriented Initiatives comprise of theme-based focused approach towards team dynamics. This is usually based on selected theme and the message from the company is transferred to teams in most sustainable and convincing way. This corporate outbound training session re-instills motivation and leadership qualities in teams.

Further, Object Oriented Initiatives helps in enhancing Problem Solving abilities, Time management, 360° perspective development and Risk Management. This program emphasizes on enabling team to notice the “Objectives” of the company and how company aims at achieving them. It also stresses upon the specific issues related to internal matters and how company want its teams to manage and resolve it to attain desired results.

At Corporate Compass, we strongly believe that outbound training can be the prime ingredient of developing a strong knit, effective and high performance teams for your business house.

The Topics Covered In Object Oriented Initiatives:

  • Team bonding
  • Transformational leadership
  • Getting unstuck
  • Object oriented Planning and Implementation
  • System cooperative attitude
  • Lateral thinking
  • Motivational Leadership
  • Interpersonal communication
  • 360° perspective development
  • Trust building
  • Adaptability
  • Enhanced awareness
  • Synergy building
  • Recharging/ De-stress
  • Learning from Failure and Success
  • Strengths and weakness analysis
  • Understanding Silent Expectations of Team Members
  • Transparent communication
  • Shifting Gears during critical moments
  • Conflict resolution
  • Competitiveness
  • Effective Time Management
  • Challenge accepting attitude
  • Pushing beyond Comfort Zone
  • Procrastination diffused
  • Recognizing and seizing Opportunities
  • Being aware of Changes in Market

Whom Is It Recommended For?

  • Established work force
  • New up-coming project
  • When internal conflict is getting in the way of performance
  • When team lacks that additional energy to get going
  • When leadership qualities are to be instilled in work force
  • When shifting the teams from one project to another
  • When completed unsuccessful financial year
  • When long term goals are to be set
  • When Merger or Acquisition would be happening soon
  • When Merger or Acquisition would be happening soon
  • When interdepartmental or interpersonal communication is not up to speed
  • When hectic project/ month or quarter is over
  • When company is going through tough phase
  • When you seek more creative approach to the task in hand

Strongly recommended for:

It is strongly recommended on every quarterly basis, for each and every employee to be in touch with their “Learning Self” and “Creativity”, to recharge and rebuild the energy levels, to maintain the clear vision of “Common Goal” of company, to develop the sense of “One Family” and to remain motivated even during critical moment.