Team Building Games

Team Building Games

“Yet another boring company team building game,” says the unsatisfied employee. Ouch. When this thought comes in your employees’ minds, you can practically chuck the benefits of team building games out of the window.

Corporate team building games are ought to be not only educational, but also pleasurable. They assist the team in learning about one other — how every individual thinks, works, solves concerns, and has fun.

Why Team Building Games?

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”.


We believe that as societal beings we can better bond with each other when we’re caught up in social activities. What healthier way can be used than the exciting team building activities to prove Plato’s words and push your employees to know & understand each other?

Team building is an umbrella term to explain a range of activities which assist individuals to work efficiently in teams. It supports in molding individuals into competent team players, in which they can gradually emerge out of their comfort zones and get to understand one another. In this way, the trust can be formed among employees and they would be able to function together well in their work place.

The prime benefits of taking up team-building initiatives at work consist of:

  • Enables collaborative and motivated work culture as these games are seen as a move towards bringing individuals closer in a team.
  • Supports in vigorous problem solving and decision making as many heads/hands take part in the process
  • Develops responsive and significant communication as employees get acquainted with the nature, desires, strengths and weaknesses of their co-workers.
  • Helps utilizing the creativeness and out-of-the-box thinking by taking employees away from the routine job set up which in turn revives and refreshes them
  • Builds an environment to boost productivity by recognizing and removing obstacles or by enhancing existing ways of working
  • Improves employee morale as they feel the company and colleagues are concerned in knowing and helping them grow, a major reason for employee retention
  • Easy games or brain teasers can also keep everybody wakeful during morning meetings. It helps imaginative juices flow, which results in making your meetings more productive.
  • Ultimately, the learning and insights from corporate team-building games can be transmitted to the actual work environment leading to greater work equations and business performance.

How do team building games ensure growth of a team?

Although as organization of this decade, you trust in innovation and experimentation so as to acquire good results, but they could be encouraged only within the limits of your business space. Given a chance to warm up a bit and work outside that structure, your employees can really crop up with many amazing ideas. This is precisely what team building games do, they facilitate team members to know their strengths and weaknesses outside the business framework and turn up with new ideas to do their work.

Within the company, your employees may only be able to get to understand about the work-related skills of each other. But while engaging in corporate team building games, they relax and are open towards getting to know better about their talents which are not any way work related but can in some way be applied to their job.

What it takes to design team building games?

In recent times, the call for team building games has massively increased in companies. So these days, there are number of alternatives as to how and where to conduct these games. They might be indoor games, which can be done within the company or somewhere else in closed space; or outdoor games which are planned in a different setting, where your employees can feel revitalized and stress-free. Outdoor locations offer employees with new physical conditions that can eventually influence their psychological conditions. Energizing new environments, which spread out optimistic vibes will boost the thinking of the employees and lead them in a positive direction too.

In order to design successful team building games, one must identify with the goals of the company-What precisely is the objective behind organizing such games? It is very essential for you to have definite objectives in mind; firm target behaviors which you want to endorse or decrease in your employees. Then, you ought to select a location that is perfect for your plan; financially and purposefully. It is also vital to know whether the location has all the facilities which will be needed to carry out the sessions successfully.

Our Team Building Facilitators:

Our talented team building facilitators are a versatile folks __ part cheerleader, part analyst, part therapist and part team counselor all combined into one, helping you in each step of the way with infinite energy and grace. We go out of our way to take on-board the best experts, which is the reason company just like yours have faith in us with their most important assets.

Why Choose Us?

Struggling to come about with corporate team building game ideas? We have an array of indoor, outdoor, evening and icebreaker ideas for team building games to go well with any participant, from junior level staff to senior business executives. Corporate Compass works towards developing best team-building games that would help to instill fun and creativity in your endeavors to form organizational dream team/s.

Moreover, our personal and gracious approach helps us to work closely with clients to provide the perfect team building and create memorable experiences. Our team building games and events offer top-class entertainment and leisure. As a responsible activity provider, health and safety is our main priority.