Team Building Initiatives

Team Building Initiatives


It is often believed that employees are the most important resource of a company. Are you receiving the best from your employees?

The performance of each employee is very much dependent on teamwork, conviction and effectual communication skills. To perform at their finest levels and attain business objectives, the team requires holiday break and trust building activities.

How do you make this happen? By making them seated in an AC room and addressing while pointing towards a power-point presentation is going to accomplish nothing, except for exhausting them so much that they either doze off or begin day-dreaming in their comfortable chairs.

What you actually require is to get the employees out of their comfort zone, make the mood drastically special from their office setup, and assign them to tasks where interdependence is certain. In simple terms, have some team building initiatives and get them to an outdoor camp offering an extensive range of customizable activities that seems fun, but are essentially planned to train them something with experience, that leads to self realization.

Team Building Initiatives – “Coming Together”

Duration – 3 Hours activity for 2 days each

How it helps?

The Team Building Initiatives comprises of basic team building activities to get participants working together with higher motivation towards Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Time Management, Communication Skills and Confidence Building. The overall aim of Team Building Initiatives aim is to break the ice, open communication channels and let the energy flow for your team members.

The Topics Covered In Team Building Initiatives:

  • Optimism
  • PMA( Positive Mental Attitude)
  • Team bounding
  • Trust building
  • Goal setting
  • Problem solving
  • Role Identification
  • Winning habit inculcation
  • Synergy builder
  • Learning to step back
  • Communication skills
  • Recharging/De-stress
  • Strengths and weakness analysis
  • Skill builder
  • Motivation
  • Independent learning
  • Listening skills
  • Confidence building
  • Time management
  • Challenge accepting attitude
  • Overcoming inertia by pushing comfort zones
  • Procrastination diffused

Whom Is It Recommended For?

  • Fresh Teams and New Joiners
  • When internal conflict is not getting resolved
  • When team lacks the get-up-and-go power
  • When leadership is somewhat weak
  • When key personnel have resigned from the company
  • When starting new venture
  • When shifting the teams from one project to another
  • When completed unsuccessful financial year
  • When Merger or Acquisition would be happening soon
  • When interdepartmental or interpersonal communication is not up to speed
  • When hectic project/ month or quarter is over
  • When company is going through tough phase

Strongly recommended for:

It is strongly recommended on every quarterly basis, for each and every employee to be in touch with their “Learning Self” and “Creativity”, to recharge and rebuild the energy levels, to maintain the clear vision of “Common Goal” of company, to develop the sense of “One Family” and to remain motivated even during critical moment.