Virtual Team Building

"Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." -Mattie Stepanek

Building team spirit and camaraderie helps ensure your organisation runs smoothly. If your office teams function in sync with one another, your business blooms. Your staff too will enjoy attending office when they bond with their colleagues. Your office teams are the pillars of your company. To keep these pillars strong, you need team building sessions that can help your employees learn how to identify their true potential within the company. 

List of Activities

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Million Dollar challenge

Million Dollar Challenge is a thrilling game that checks the team-building capacity of the participants. The game's objective is to invest an amount and generate...
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Murder Mystery Challenge

The perfect game for all the murder mystery lovers, Murder Mystery Challenge, is a game that invokes the detective in each player.
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Geoquest is an electrifying and mind-boggling game that can be played by the participants within the comfort of their homes.
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A fun activity based on the game of roulette, Guesstimate challenges the participants with trivia questions, and the teams are required to collect maximum points to win.
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Bollywood Bubble

Bollywood Bubble is a virtual activity that puts the problem-solving capabilities of an individual to the test.
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Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room is an online take on the thrilling conventional escape rooms, a team-building task series that requires keen observation...
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Auction Premier League

Auction premier league is a riveting role play activity developed to challenge the teams to put their best capabilities to the test in order to build the best cricket team...
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One Vision

One Vision is the perfect activity to help participants understand workplace dynamics and team bonding. This engaging ...

Why Virtual team building activities

Corporate Compass helps conduct virtual team building sessions for companies. We understand that in these unprecedented times, not everyone can attend trainings in person. So, we bring the training sessions to you virtually. These sessions will help your employees identify their strengths and areas of growth so that they can function seamlessly within their respective teams. A combination of educative and fun tasks ensures that these virtual team building sessions will be thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

We offer best in class team building activities to unleash the power of working as a team

We offer best in class team building activities to generate and harness a sense of belonging and to unleash the power of working together as a team .....