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1. New Generation Solutions

Forget the conventional way of staff engagement activities, and we bring new and effective team engagement activities with the help of modern and evolving technology. With an increase in demand, our offering in employee engagement activity in Delhi is constantly updated with modern technology and new features.

2. Our Impact

We are popular team building organizers in Delhi and have provided services to more than 1000 Corporate Clients and have 101+ Team Building Experiences. The company has reached a gliding fleet by achieving a 4.8 / 5 rating on Google with more than 3000 reviews. With this pace, we have completed over 3500 workshops and have inspired more than 350,000 employees.

3. Location Friendly

A perfect location can offer a dynamic and delightful way for team building activities. We extend our employee engagement activity at Delhi. We also have teams that operate in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Ahmadabad, & Kolkata.

4 . World Class Facilitators

With regular training, we have successfully achieved in imparting standard and classic services to our clients. Our team is always thriving in motivating and engaging them in the staff engagement activities.

5. Top Notch Service

Our dedicated and highly productive staff ensures that you are involved in your workshop stress-free.

Virtual & In person Team Building Activities

Teamwork is an important asset for the growth of every organization. The best way to create a joyful workspace is with the help of employee engagement activities which help them recognize their true potential.

Finding a work-life balance is a problem for many employees in the demanding workspace. Managing household responsibilities, traveling to work, and additional pressures can lead individuals to feel exhausted. Frequent travel can further reduce opportunities for high-quality collaborative engagement with colleagues. Individuals who work from home should get proper support.  A successful business is always dependent on the smooth coordination of office staff. Hence, Virtual team activities also develop a strong bond, enhance productivity, and motivate the team members who are working in the remote setting.

Working in the evolving workspace can be demanding. In-person Team-building activities offer a change of atmosphere from routine responsibilities, encouraging employees to work in teams, and reducing their stress. Moreover, Employee engagement activities improve productivity, stronger bonds, and overall performance.

teamwork building activities for the workplace

Virtual Team Building Activities

Every company needs to look after its employees who are working in remote environments. With the help of evolving digital tools staff engagement activities can be achieved more efficiently.  Our team building activities encourage employees to interact with the team members and build strong bonds with them.  
team activities in bangalore

In-Person Activities

As the best team building organizers in Delhi can effectively organize staff engagement activities that are useful for the staff within your organization. Also, as one of the best team building companies in Delhi, we support, assist, and craft engaging and impactful team building activities. The main intention of organizing these programs is to drive more productivity among employees by encouraging them to interact with the team. 

Team Building Activity Photo and Video

At Corporate Compass we believe team building should be a mesmerizing experience in an employee's journey in corporate life. Roll down through our profound memories.  If you're looking for team building companies in Delhi then Corporate Compass is a great choice. It promises interesting team building activities, and aims for incredible team-building experience.


Millennium Semiconductor – Mount Everest Challenge


This team engagement activity is filled with thrilling and challenging survival-based activity and the goal is to survive whi;e collaborating with the other teams. This creates a perfect environment for team building activities as the participants will be involved in overcoming challenges and accomplishing their goals.

Brookefield Bengaluru


Chain Reaction Brookfield: The experience is about exploring creativity with team members. The main goal is to build interconnected chain reactions with some creative elements with the help of dominoes, cardboard, balls, etc to achieve a common objective of raising the company flag… This group activity strengthens the relationships among team members.

Oliverwayman Air India


This team engagement activity is filled with thrilling and challenging survival-based activity and the goal is to survive whi;e collaborating with the other teams. This creates a perfect environment for team building activities as the participants will be involved in overcoming challenges and accomplishing their goals.

HoneyWell-Pedals for Purpose


Pedals for Purpose: It promotes teamwork, enhances employee engagement, encourages team interaction, and creates awareness of being socially responsible.


One vision


This includes perfect staff engagement activities that motivates the employees to work together with teammates. The objective of this exercise is to gather every member onto a single platform.


Why do our clients Love us?

We ensure that our clients establish a strong bond with their team and we make sure our clients are fulfilled beyond their expectations. We provide quality services to our clients. We are transparent, trustworthy, and more reliable to meet the client’s needs. 

Can the activities be conducted at my workplace?

Yes, we conduct both virtual team activities and in-person team-building activities. Virtual team activities can be easily conducted online, while in-person team-building activities need space so that employees can enjoy participating in the activities. However, If your workspace has enough space, then team-building activities can be arranged at your workspace. 

Do you conduct this in my city?

Yes, we conduct team-building activities across many metropolitan cities in  India. Some of the major cities are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Ahmadabad, & Kolkata. Moreover, we have multiple teams across various parts of India that can handle staff engagement activities at your workspace.

What group sizes do you cater to?

We comfortably serve groups of minimum 8 to maximum of 1800+ team members. We cater to both large-size groups and small-size groups and plan an equally inspiring and engaging staff engagement activity. We also look into planning creative team-building activities considering the group size. 

Can you provide references for clients?

We have globally acclaimed clients such as DBS Bank, Swiss Re, State Bank of India, Convera, Kotak Life, Trendence, Loop, Glenmark, Book my show, KPMG, Godrej, Johnson and Johnson, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, LIC, Aditya Birla, Yes Bank, Symphony, and many more. Connect with us if you would like to get more details.  

What are the necessary prerequisites to get along for the program?

When it comes to team building activities, then your team doesn’t have to follow any specific prerequisites. Our Corporate Compass facilitators will begin the activity with a brief warm-up and then our team will share the specifics of the activity. We carry all the materials and props required for the same. Apart from this, there can be some logistical requirements like projector, screen, sound arrangements etc which depends on selected activity, venue and your team size.  

Do the activities engage everyone?

Yes, we at Corporate Compass create fun and interesting team-building activities. We understand that each member of the team is unique and has different abilities and preferences. Our focus is on creating engaging, interactive experiences that are suitable for all ages and genders. We offer a variety of mental, physical, and outdoor exercises. This allows participants to discover hidden talents and strengths. Our skilled facilitators are professionals at motivating each employee to take part actively in the activities. Additionally, we make sure every employee participates effectively in each activity. 

Is a blueprint provided for the activities?

 Yes, even before the event commences, the entire team will be provided with all the details about the activities that are going to be performed. Moreover, our highly skilled and trained facilitators will assist you at every step of the challenges in the activity.

Is the Internet required for the Team Building Workshop?

Yes, while performing virtual team-building activities, the Internet is required. But while conducting in-person team building activities, some activities require the internet. These days there are many innovative ideas for employee engagement activity and the internet has become a useful resource. 

Will there be someone to assist us with the challenges?

Yes, our dedicated and skilled workshop facilitators will provide complete insights about the activities for your employees. Moreover, our team building organizers in Delhi will assist you in every step of the challenges in the employee engagement activity so that you can enjoy the outing joyfully.

What types of team-building activities does Corporate Compass offer in Delhi?

We offer a variety of team-building activities such as in-person and virtual employee engagement activities. In-person activity which involves half day / one day workshops with colleagues participating in various sub activities selected as per your occasion and objectives. Virtual team building activity which uses the internet to entertain and engage with the team members. In Total, you get 101+ Team building experiences to select from.

Can Corporate Compass organize team-building events in multiple locations across India simultaneously?

Yes,  Corporate compass can organize team building activities in multiple locations across India simultaneously. Corporate compass has its team building organizers across various parts of India. Our experienced team building organizers are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Ahmadabad, & Kolkata and many more cities. 

How does Corporate Compass ensure the safety of participants during outdoor team-building activities in Delhi?

Corporate Compass follows strict safety rules. Our organization takes careful measures right from the day of planning so that neither of the team members encounters any kind of uncertain incidents. Whether it’s in person or virtual our organization follows a standard and strict safety protocol.

Are there customizable team-building packages available for corporate clients in Delhi?

When a company approaches Corporate Compass for team-building services, it must first fill out an inquiry form with basic details. Then Our client advisors will get on a virtual meeting with the company representatives and understand more details such as the number of employees participating, the tentative budget for the activity, the schedule, the purpose of the team-building activity, if the client wants an indoor or outdoor activity, virtual team activity or in-person team activity, how long the activity will last, where the event will take place, if the employees will be working in a white collar position or a blue-collar position, and many other details need to be shared. Our team collects all the necessary information about the team members and plans the event so that the employees can easily adjust to the event. Then, depending on the client’s needs, we provide customized packages.

Does Corporate Compass offer virtual team-building activities for remote teams across India?

Yes, Corporate Compass has a huge team that can handle various types of team building activities. We can handle virtual team building activities for staff from various corners of the country. We offer many interesting and effective virtual team-building activities for remote teams across India. 

Can Corporate Compass organize indoor team bonding activities for companies in Delhi?

Corporate Compass has carried out a number of indoor team building activities for various corporate companies in India. Corporate Compass has a well-established team that can recommend many innovative indoor activities based on the requirements of our clients. 

How far in advance should we book team-building events in Mumbai?

Corporate Compass has many skilled teams working across various parts of India. Furthermore, Corporate Compass has been actively offering team-building activities for companies in Delhi and other metro cities. So, if you are planning for a staff engagement activity for your employees then please get in touch with our organizers 15 to 30 days before the event.

How far in advance should we book team-building events in Mumbai?Are there special discounts available for booking team-building activities in multiple locations across India?

Corporate Compass has made its service available in most parts of India. The cost of the team building activity varies according to the location. Hence, based on the location Corporate compass provides special discounts for booking team-building activities.

Can Corporate Compass tailor team-building activities to suit the unique needs of our company in Delhi?

Corporate Compass thoroughly researches the plan before implementing it. Our team building organizers consider many factors, including employee data that can help in framing better activities. Therefore, our team strives to give you a great idea that meets your requirements and then plan and execute accordingly.

Do you provide transportation arrangements for team-building events held outside major cities like Delhi?

No, we don’t provide any transportation facilities for any corporate companies. However,as one of the best team-building organizers in Delhi can help in finding better transportation services. We can recommend the details of the best transportation services that can help your employees to travel at corporate outings easily.

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