How To Play Virtual Bingo Team Building Activity? (Super Fun and Quick to host)

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world in the year 2020, the growth of virtual teams has been remarkable. Companies across all sectors have found remote work to be beneficial for their organizations. Working remotely reduces overhead costs for companies and also provides employees the flexibility and comfort to work from home.

But, with all the benefits and comfort we get while working remotely, it can get stressful, boring, and monotonous on a lot of occasions, right? So if you and your team are also stuck in the same cycle and are looking for a fun way to bond with your team virtually, here is a solution for you! A unique way to give your team a break from the constant work meetings and enjoy without having to travel anywhere is- organizing a virtual bingo team building activity

How Can Virtual Team Building Bingo Help Break the Monotony?

While working from home and attending virtual meetings all of us have felt bored or zoned out at some point in time, staring at our monitor screens and not being able to pay much attention to what is going on. 

So, if you want to take a break from the monotony and want your team to feel relaxed, chill, communicate in an informal setting, and be excited about work in the days to come, then you need to host a virtual team building bingo which will make your workday fun and interesting!

Research has also proved that playing virtual bingo with your colleagues is a great way to improve communication among them, promote employee engagement, boost their morale, and increase team productivity as a whole.

Playing virtual bingo with your team is an interactive and competitive game that will bring your team closer. It also helps to create a culture of inclusivity and belonging which encourages socialization between all the teammates.

How to Play Team Building Bingo Online?

Now that we know the importance of organizing virtual team building activities here we are going to talk about how to host the team building bingo game virtually without much of a hassle.

1. Before starting the game

Choose a Theme for Your Game

  • Decide on a unique theme for your virtual bingo game, such as “work-from-home bingo,” “team trivia,” or “fun facts about colleagues or their teams.”

Create Bingo Cards:

  • Use any of the various online tools to create customized bingo cards. Each card should have various prompts or activities related to your chosen theme.
  • Ensure each card has a unique arrangement of prompts.

Set Up a Virtual Meeting Platform:

  • Schedule a meeting on a platform like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet where all participants can join.

Distribute Bingo Cards Among the Team:

  • Share the bingo cards with each participant before the game via Email. You can also share a link to the digital version of the cards if you are planning to use an online bingo card generator.

Explain the Rules to the Team:

  • Explain how to play this virtual bingo to everyone before starting the game to ensure that everyone understands the rules:
  1. Team members need to mark the squares as the organizer calls out the prompts.
  2. The organizer will continue to read out the prompts one by one until someone from the team or some team wins depending on if the activity is being played as an individual game or as a team game.
  3. The winners can be determined in several ways: First to get a line, first to get two lines or most points at the end of the game.
  4. The first person to complete a line and say “Bingo!” wins.

Prepare a List of Prompts:

  • Create a list of prompts that correspond to the items on the bingo cards. You can either randomize these or use a particular order.

2. Playing the Game

Start the Virtual Meeting:

  • Begin the meeting and do a quick test to ensure that all participants can see and hear each other.

Call Out Prompts:

  • Randomly call out prompts from your list. Allow time for participants to mark their cards.

Engage Participants:

  • Encourage participants to share stories or explanations related to the prompts as they mark their cards. This enhances interaction and makes the game more engaging.

Monitor Progress:

  • Keep track of who is close to winning and encourage friendly competition.

Verify Bingo Claims:

  • When someone says “Bingo!,” have them show their card to verify the win. This can be done by sharing their screen or holding up their card to the camera.

3. Ending the Game

Announce the Winner:

  • Congratulate the winner and, if possible, offer a prize (such as a virtual gift card or a fun e-certificate).

Continue Playing:

  • Decide if you want to continue playing the game in multiple rounds for additional winners, such as for the second line or a full bingo card.


  • Spend a few minutes after the game to allow the participants to share their final thoughts or their experience of playing the game.

Bonus Tips to Organize a Successful Game

  • Keep It Light and Fun: Ensure the atmosphere remains relaxed and fun throughout the activity.
  • Incorporate Breaks: If the game is long, include short breaks to let people communicate among the other team members and ensure that everyone is engaged.
  • Use Technology: Take advantage of digital tools to streamline the process and keep it organized to avoid chaos.
  • Encourage Participation: Make sure everyone is participating in the game and has a chance to interact with others.

By following these steps, you can create a memorable and enjoyable virtual team bingo experience that promotes employee engagement and builds team spirit.

Benefits of Organizing a Virtual Team Bingo for Your Team

  • Virtual bingo serves as a fun and informal way for team members to get to know each other while working in remote settings.
  • It encourages all the team members to interact and communicate with each other, breaking down barriers that might exist in a virtual environment.
  • It can bring together employees from different departments who might not interact frequently, promoting a more cohesive company culture.
  • Engaging in a light-hearted game can reduce stress, improve productivity and overall mental well-being.
  • Informal interactions during the game can lead to spontaneously sharing ideas among each other and improved collaboration.


In conclusion, organizing a virtual team bingo is a powerful tool to unite the team virtually, boost the morale of the employees, and break the monotony of remote work. By creating an engaging and interactive environment, this activity allows team members to connect on a personal level, creating a sense of belonging within a social group at work. The informal nature of the game helps reduce stress, making the workday more enjoyable and less monotonous. This in turn leads to increased productivity and overall mental well-being for the entire team.

As the companies continue to navigate the challenges and benefits of remote work, incorporating fun and creative team-building activities like virtual team bingo can significantly contribute to a positive work culture. The simplicity of setting up the game, combined with its inclusive and engaging format, makes it an ideal choice for virtual team building. By following the steps outlined in this guide, a successful and memorable virtual bingo game can be hosted that not only entertains but also strengthens the bonds within your team, leading to a more cohesive and motivated workforce.