About Corporate Compass

Corporate Compass

“Unlocking Potential. Accelerating Growth.”

“Corporate Compass” is a practical approach to bring teams together, making their ideas shine and win the game in every given situation. We define ourselves as the kind of organization that acts to glue together colleagues of different departments of an organization, helping them build a sense of belongingness and pave a way to nurture an attitude that will fear no challenge and smile through it! Our in-person and virtual team activities further strengthen these bonds and foster a collaborative spirit among team members.

Corporate Compass” promotes colleagues to become friends, and more than that helps them to devote a time for themselves to find their inner strength. Usually this work of art is defined as “Team Building”, but we define it as “Corporate Responsibility”. Our aim is to modify team building activities by engaging employees in fun-games, both indoor and outdoor, thus, elevating performance at the highest level possible. 

Mission & Vision

We envision a world where every professional gets up in the morning excited about going to work and feels inspired about making a difference.

Our mission is to create Fulfilled, United and Outperforming organizational workforces.


Our process is simple and transparent.

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What do we do?

An organization isn’t just a place where employees work. We think it should be a place where an employee experiences codependent growth. An organization grows when its employees grow, and employees grow when an organization grows. Incorporating virtual team activities can further enhance this symbiotic relationship and foster collaborative growth even in remote settings.

It is a place where employees feels physiologically safe to express their opinions, share best practices, willing to discuss and improve the blind spots. It is a place where employees learn, experiment, innovate, fail, persist, collaborate, trust and outperform.

We want everyone to come to a common place and exchange their ideas, unite in strength and be ONE! Departments in an organization can be different, but the Heart of the Organization should always be ONE! To make this possible, we arrange various team building activities, learning workshops and trainings for corporates, conducted by trained masters, which not only bring employees together, but evaluate their performance to help them understand their good and bad so that everyone can improve !!
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Why do we do it?

We envision a world where every professional gets up in the morning excited about going to work and feels inspired about making a difference. We envision a world with No Monday Blues.

Our working environment comprises a very huge part of our lives and yet there is a negative notion about working in corporates. Its corelated with pressure, stress, office politics etc. Professionals are working just for the sake of working paycheck to paycheck. What if this major part of employees lives become enjoyable backed up with zeal, enthusiasm and high energy to outperform. What if we can minimize and completely eliminate all the negative notions from top to bottom across all hierarchies. Isn't it great for the employees and also for the organization ?

This is our strong Why behind guiding organizations to take initiatives where all employees and teams gets opportunities to unlock their potentials and accelerate growth. Again, a codependent growth.

Our Values

We offer best in class team building activities to unleash the power of working as a team

Hundreds of organizations have excelled their team's performance by working with us, without having to worry about value for money and quality assured delivery. 


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