Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities


Your team is experienced and hard-working – but, recently, its performance is being “hit and miss.”

The team appears to have lost some of its power and motivation, and morale is starting to drop. So, you decide to get your team back on track by utilizing some team building strategies and activities.

Team building is about offering the skills, training and resources that your employees require, so that they can function in harmony. But, to be really effectual, it needs to be a constant process, rooted into your team and organization’s culture.

There’s a place for one-off team building exercises, but they ought to have a clear objective, such as enhancing a particular skill, and must be well-designed to evade conflict.

Why Team Building Activities?

Even dynamic teams can benefit from corporate team building activities; they are best way of boosting morale, communication, motivation, output as well as helping employees or fresh teams to get acquainted with each other better, and identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses. Corporate Team building activities and exercises can be utilized by any business, be it large or small, to support better teamwork in the workplace, and as majority of business owners and managers know, high-level teamwork is one of the prime factors linked with a company’s success.

Flow Of Team Building Activities:

There are 4 major types of corporate team building activities, which include: Communication, problem solving and/or decision making exercises, adaptability and/or setting up activities, and exercises that emphasize on building trust. The idea is to carry out a range of activities that are both enjoyable and challenging, and that also have the “side effect” of enhancing teamwork skills that can help get better employee performance and productivity at the workplace. In this first installment, we’ll take a look at some highly effectual and entertaining team building activities intended to boost communication and problem solving skills. These corporate team building activities will have your organization well on its way to forming a team of enthusiasts that work well together, are fruitful and have a improved focus. 

Attain Success With Team Building

Team building is fundamental to the success of any business and thus, well-designed team building activities ought to be delivered by dedicated, professional experts like us.

Not only does Corporate Compass have years of experience working with India’s top corporations, but we also hold extensive knowledge of all things related to team building activities and events. That is what lets us be the best at formulating and delivering team building sessions that are both enjoyable and challenging for all engaged in.

Our Team Building Facilitators:

Our talented team building facilitators are a versatile folks __ part cheerleader, part analyst, part therapist and part team counselor all combined into one, helping you in each step of the way with infinite energy and grace. We go out of our way to take on-board the best experts, which is the reason company just like yours have faith in us with their most important assets.

Getting Started: Identifying Your Team’s Requirements

The first and most essential step when designing corporate team building activities is to recognize your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Start by asking the following questions to understand the source of any problems:

  • Are there clashes between certain people that are creating divisions in the team?
  • Do team members need get to know each another better?
  • Do some members focus on their own success, and harm the group as a result?
  • Is deprived communication disturbing the team’s progress?
  • Does the team need to learn to work together, rather than individually?
  • Do some individuals affect the group’s capability to move forward through the struggle to change?
  • Does the team need a morale boost?

You can select targeted activities to facilitate your team in tackling any problems that the questions uncover.

Why Choose Us?

Struggling to come about with corporate team building activity ideas? We have an array of indoor, outdoor, evening and icebreaker ideas for team building activities to go well with any participant, from junior level staff to senior business executives. Corporate Compass works towards developing best team-building activities that would help to instill fun and creativity in your endeavors to form organizational dream team/s.

Moreover, our personal and gracious approach helps us to work closely with clients to provide the perfect team building and create memorable experiences. Our team building activities and events offer top-class entertainment and leisure. As a responsible activity provider, health and safety is our main priority.