Experiential Learning

"We learn by example and by direct experience because there are limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction."~Malcom Gladwell

Gone are the days when learning was only done through text books. The focus has now shifted to real world situations where teaching is best implemented through practical application. That is exactly what experiential learning can do for your business. Train your new staff and existing employees to tackle their daily tasks with aplomb through a hands-on training experience like never before. Experiential learning takes many forms and can include team building games, hands-on business case studies, and field visits or outings, among others.

List of Trainings

team building exercises for employees

Conflict Management

Trains pupils to lower negative aspects & build on the positive aspects of a conflict situation using the 5 fundamental styles of conflict management.

team building activities for employees

Trust Building

Revolves around instilling the core principles of building trust across the intra team and inter departmental levels with compassion.

5 minute team building activities

Leadership Development

Focuses on preparing the current and the future leaders to perform effectively in their roles and also make the organization stronger and better for the future.

team development games

Change Management

Aims at proactively adapting a systematic approach to transition in goals, technologies or processes of an organization or a department.

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Cross Functional Collaboration

To establish a culture of clear communication & seamless collaboration across various business departments for achieving a common goal.

Leadership Goal

Cross Cultural Collaboration

Establishes acceptance & respect towards cultural diversity and helps to leverage the advantages & opportunities for bigger growth.

team development activities for work

Focussing on bigger picture

Helps create a superior balance between detailing in the tasks at hand and the impact it will have on the company's vision in the longer run.

team building exercises for work

Productivity Enhancement

Trains around increasing personal and organizational efficiency by mastering how to generate more output and improved quality with the similar amount of inputs.

employee team building ideas

Instilling Vision & Values

To create a workforce ready to outperform for the vision and mission of organization while following its core principles and ethics with integrity.

team building exercises for employees

Building High Performance Teams

Aims at creating a team with complementary skills and specialized expertise that innovates, collaborates and delivers constant superior results.

important of team building

Customer Centricity

To create a workforce that prioritises achieving customer delight by understanding customers' perceptions and smartly managing their desires & expectations.

group building games

Design Thinking

Embeds the process of decoding customers' unsaid problems, ideating the way outs and creating innovative solutions in the benefit of customers and the company.

Importance of Experiential Training

Companies with comprehensive training gain up to 218% higher income per employee compared to those with inadequate training.

-Data collected by the American Society for Training and Development

Corporate Compass conducts a range of experiential learning workshops tailormade to suit your business requirements. We cater our trainings to suit all kinds of business setups and sizes.  Opt in for our experiential training sessions today to help your employees truly realise their potential. 

We offer best in class team building activities to unleash the power of working as a team

We offer best in class team building activities to generate and harness a sense of belonging and to unleash the power of working together as a team .....