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1. New Generation Solutions

Our new-generation solutions for team building activities in Bangalore are designed to address the unique challenges in the Silicon Valley of India. Our approach at Corporate Compass goes beyond the traditional team building activities as we integrate real-time feedback and learning ensuring that all our clients achieve high levels of performance and satisfaction leading to their ultimate organizational success.

2. Our Impact

Our team building workshops have a profound impact on both the participants and the organization as a whole. After attending our workshops, participants develop an increased level of trust which also results in creative thinking, problem-solving, better communication, and better productivity within the team. 

On the organizational level, the companies who have partnered with us in the past have seen a positive shift in their team dynamics leading to a healthier working environment, high job retention, and better employee morale, ultimately creating a strong foundation of strong, motivated teams.

3. Location Friendly

The workshops in Bangalore are designed in such a way that they can integrate seamlessly into the bustling  environment of this city. Whether you and your team prefer an indoor seating arrangement or an outdoor adventure, we have got you covered. Our workshops can be organized anywhere in Bangalore, from conference rooms in your own office to gardens allowing you to choose the location of the event at your convenience. Moreover, we handle the entire event from setting it up to the execution so that you and your team get to enjoy the entire event hassle-free.

4 . World Class Facilitators

Our workshops are led by world-class facilitators who are extremely passionate about what they do. They are not just skilled but also adapt and understand the unique dynamics of each team they work with, connecting with the participants and encouraging open communication that helps them to ensure that each workshop they conduct is a unique experience for your team.

5. Top Notch Service

We provide top notch service at all our locations and ensure to give you the best results and provide value to your organization through our team building activities. From high-energy team outings in Bangalore to the insightful indoor team building workshops, we ensure that each workshop is designed as per the latest industrial trends. By choosing Corporate Compass, you can be confident about investing in the best team building experience that will lead to lasting benefits for your team and organization as a whole.

Virtual & In person Team Building Activities

teamwork building activities for the workplace

Virtual Team Building Activities

We at Corporate Compass offer various virtual team building sessions for companies because we understand that in the hybrid work model everyone cannot attend training or other workshops in person. Our sessions are designed to help employees connect with each other in a fun and informal way despite the distance. Through a combination of knowledge and fun we ensure that these sessions are liked by everyone and that your employees are able to interact with each other and bond even though they work remotely. These sessions help identify their strengths and areas of growth and help in making your employees happy and reduce the constant work pressure. Employees feel valued and cared for, ultimately working hard for the growth of the organization.
team activities in bangalore

In-Person Activities

Corporate Compass also conducts outbound activities for your team that can truly benefit everyone in your organization. The activities are carefully designed to help your team to recognize their hidden talents and deliver to the best of their ability while having a good time! Whether you have a team of 8-10 employees or a large workforce of 800-1000, we provide unique customized team building plans to foster collaboration, improve team morale and increase productivity. These activities can be planned according to the location of your choice and our highly experienced facilitators will make sure that you and your team enjoy a day filled with knowledge, laughter and an unforgettable experience.

These images are a sneak peek of the excitement that you can expect from your team.


Millennium Semiconductor – Mount Everest Challenge


At Millennium Semiconductor, Corporate Compass organized an exciting and challenging survival-based workshop called the Mount Everest Challenge. It puts the participants in some of the toughest situations possible and challenges the team with issues like, lack of resources, problems in communicating with the base camp and daunting weather conditions. It requires teamwork, communication, and strategic decision-making to complete the challenge. If you are looking for some unique and fun ways to challenge your team, this is the right activity for you.

Brookefield Bengaluru


At Brookfield, Bangalore we organized the chain reaction challenge activity for their team. In this challenge the team creates complex interdependent mechanisms using simple resources for achieving a common end goal.  It sets up a great example where your team members can complement each other with their skills and competencies, eventually creating wonders.

Oliverwayman Air India


We organized a unique team building workshop for the Oliver Wyman Air  India team. It was a day filled with laughter, learning, and collaboration from all the people from various teams. At Corporate Compass, we understand that each team is unique and every activity that we plan for you is designed keeping in mind the interests of your team members and the end goal that you want to achieve for your team. 

HoneyWell-Pedals for Purpose


The team at Honeywell worked for a social cause with Corporate Compass as a part of their team building activity. During this workshop, they were divided into various teams and made cycles which were later distributed among the children at the orphanage. This activity named as “Pedals for Purpose” helped ensure that the team is working together in collaboration for a good cause. 


One vision


One Vision is a perfect virtual team building activity that serves as a great icebreaker while also ensuring that all the participants have a fun time. The end goal of this activity is to make sure that everyone is on the same page, even if they play different roles in the team. With a time limit of 60 minutes attached to it, your team members are required to observe their own work and even the work of their immediate teams to create a larger picture. This activity is perfect for instilling the company values among the team members and ensuring that everyone is working towards a common goal within the organization


Why do our clients Love us?

At Corporate Compass we ensure that all our clients are able to enjoy and develop a strong bond with their team in an informal setting. We also make sure to deliver to our clients beyond their expectations. We are transparent, trustworthy, and capable of meeting diverse and unique needs of our clients and provide the best quality services to them and that is the reason why our clients love us.

Can the activities be conducted at my workplace?

Yes, we do organize both virtual and in-person team-building activities. Virtual team activities are conducted online if your team is spread across different locations and working in a remote or hybrid working environment. While in-person team-building activities require a good amount of space so that all the employees can have fun during the activities. However, If your office has enough space, then team-building activities can be arranged there as well. 

Do you conduct this in my city?

Yes, at Corporate Compass we do organize team-building activities across many metropolitan cities in  India including Bangalore. Some of the  other major cities where we conduct our workshops are Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Ahmedabad, & Kolkata. We also have various teams spread across different parts of India who can handle all staff engagement activities at your workspace.

What group sizes do you cater to?

We can seamlessly organize activities for groups of minimum 8 to maximum of 1800+ team members, in fact we look into organizing these creative team-building activities depending on the group size. 

We cater to all large-size groups and small-size groups and ensure to plan an equally fun and engaging staff engagement activity for your team.

Can you provide references for clients?

We have worked with some globally acclaimed brands such as DBS Bank, Swiss Re, State Bank of India, Convera, Kotak Life, Trendence, Loop, Glenmark, Book My Show, KPMG, Godrej, Johnson & Johnson, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, LIC, Aditya Birla, Yes Bank, Symphony, and alot more. Connect with us if you would like to get more details about our clientele.  

What are the necessary prerequisites to get along for the program?

There are not any specific prerequisites for the team building activities that you need to follow. Our facilitators will begin the activity with a briefing as a warm-up activity and then our team will share the specifications of the activities one by one. We carry with us all the materials  required for the event, other than that, there can be some other requirements like projector, screen or sound arrangements which depend on the activity selected by you, the venue and your team size.  

Do the activities engage everyone?

Yes because at Corporate Compass we organize fun and interesting team-building activities as we understand that everyone is unique and would have different capabilities and preferences. We focus on ensuring that our activities are engaging and  interactive experiences for everyone from all age groups.  We have a variety of activities that allow participants to discover their hidden talents and strengths. 

Is a blueprint provided for the activities?

Yes definitely. Before the event commences, your entire team will be provided with all the details about the various activities that are going to take place throughout the day. Moreover, our highly professional and trained facilitators will be there to assist you at every step of the way during the activities in case you have doubts, issues or concerns.

Is the Internet required for the Team Building Workshop?

For virtual team-building activities, the Internet is a mandatory requirement since it takes place through various virtual platforms like Google meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. But while organizing activities in-person, some activities require the internet while some don’t.  The Internet is one of the most powerful resources we have today so there are many innovative activities that can be organized with the help of the internet both virtually and in person. 

Will there be someone to assist us with the challenges?

Yes, at Corporate Compass we have a team of dedicated and skilled workshop facilitators who will provide you with the complete insights of the activities that will be organized for your team. Moreover, our highly experienced team building organizers in Bangalore will ensure to assist you at every step of the challenge during the employee engagement activities so that you can enjoy the event completely hassle-free

What types of team-building activities does Corporate Compass offer in Bangalore?

We offer a huge variety of team-building activities that can be organized in-person or virtually depending on your preferences. In-person activities generally involve half day  or one day workshops with your team participating in various activities as per your goals and objectives of organizing the workshop with us. Virtual team building activities are organized virtually over the internet to entertain and engage your team members. In total, you get over 100 Team building experiences to choose from when you choose Corporate Compass.

Can Corporate Compass organize team-building events in multiple locations across India simultaneously?

Yes, we at Corporate Compass are present in various cities including Bangalore like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Ahmadabad, & Kolkata to name a few and we can organize team building activities in multiple locations across India simultaneously as we have our organizers and facilitators across various parts of India. 

How does Corporate Compass ensure the safety of participants during outdoor team-building activities in Bangalore?

Whether your event is organized in person or virtually, we at Corporate Compass follow safety rules diligently. Our organization takes safety into consideration right from the day we start planning the event so that none of your team members encounter any kind of untoward situation because your safety is our responsibility.

Are there customizable team-building packages available for corporate clients in Bangalore?

Yes there are customizable packages available for our clients in Bangalore. But you must first fill out an inquiry form with basic details. After you fill the form, our client advisors will connect with you virtually to get more details from your end, such as the number of employees, the tentative budget for the event, the schedule, the purpose of organizing the team-building activity, whether it will be an indoor or outdoor activity, virtual activity or an in-person team activity,and many other details that you will have to share with our team. We collect all the necessary information about your requirements and provide you with a customizable package for the event so that you and your team enjoy the event to the fullest.

Does Corporate Compass offer virtual team-building activities for remote teams across India?

Yes, Corporate Compass has a huge team of skilled facilitators and we can handle various types of team building activities as per your requirements. We can handle virtual team building activities for your team present across the different corners of this country.

Can Corporate Compass organize indoor team bonding activities for companies in Bangalore?

Corporate Compass has organized a number of successful indoor team building workshops for various corporate clients in Bangalore. We  have a well-established team that can recommend and organize many innovative indoor activities for you in Bangalore based on your requirements. 

How far in advance should we book team-building events in Bangalore?

If you are planning to organize a staff engagement activity for your team then please get in touch with us at least 15 to 30 days before the event so that we can organize the event for you hassle-free. Rest assured, we have many skilled teams working across various parts of India and have actively offered team-building activities for companies in Bangalore and other metro cities.

Are there special discounts available for booking team-building activities in multiple locations across India?

We at Corporate Compass have made our services available across most parts of India. The cost of organizing the team building activity depends on the location where the event is taking place. Hence, based on your location we provide special discounts when you book with us for your team building activities.

Can Corporate Compass tailor team-building activities to suit the unique needs of our company in Bangalore?

Yes we can tailor the team building activities to suit your unique tastes and preferences as the satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. We thoroughly research and plan the event before actually implementing it. We consider many factors, including your employee data to ensure that we organize the  best activities for your team.

Do you provide transportation arrangements for team-building events held outside major cities like Bangalore?

No, we don’t provide any transportation facilities for any of our clients. However,as one of the best team-building organizers in Bangalore, we can definitely help you in finding the best transportation services so that your employees can travel for our corporate outings easily.

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