22 Best Office Gift Ideas for Workplace Giving



The workplace is a space where employees spend most of their time. And every employee deserves a healthy and supportive environment. A positive working atmosphere should not only adhere to balancing the mental and physical health of employees, but it also needs to build a long-term bond with its employees.  

The most powerful way to create a positive workplace environment is by giving gifts to your employees. The main intention of giving gifts is to establish a strong relationship and to express gratitude to them. So, if you have thought of giving gifts to your employees, but are confused, we have gathered some of the best 22 office gift ideas that add a professional essence and can create a long-lasting memory with the employees.  

Benefits of Giving gifts to workplace colleagues

Adopting innovative ideas to create an interactive workplace environment is important for every organization. The trending concept of giving gifts and appreciating the employees has many positive benefits. It can reflect the company’s growth such as increased productivity, and employee retention.

Giving gifts to employees shows your loyalty towards them. It encourages interaction with co-workers and creates a positive impact on the mental health of your employees. 

22 Best Office Gifts Ideas for Workplace Giving

You can find a ton of ideas on the internet, but we have gathered a few ideas that have a clear motive and useful benefits. Here is the list of the best 22 office gift ideas for workplace giving. 

1. Personalized Stationery Sets

The first one in the office gifts idea is personalized stationery sets. You can gift your employee complete stationery sets which include notepads, sticky notes, pens, papers, whitener, a pencil box, eraser, and many more. You can also add an initial of the employee’s name and company logo on the stationery set. 

2. Stylish Desk Organizers

The stylish desk organizer can keep the surface clear and make it easy for employees to find what they require while working. An ideal desk organizer can hold pens, paper, erasers, notepads, staplers, pins, pen drives, pencils, mobile, scissors, cello tape, and many more office accessories. A branded quality desk organizer is useful that employees will value for a long time and can be a long-lasting memorable gift for your employees. 

3. Wireless Charging Pads

Wireless Charging Pads

Some employees are often busy with regular meetings and traveling and struggle to maintain sufficient battery capacity. Hence, wireless charging pads can be the best office gift for employees which can quickly charge the device and increase productivity. This gift can help employees get rid of carrying the mobile adapters, and cables along with the other office stuff. These days, wireless charging pads are light in weight and easy to carry.  Many have slim, stylish looks that blend nicely with modern workplaces.

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Employees who often work through remote settings or hybrid mode encounter distractions from their surroundings. So, you can gift Noise-cancelling headphones to employees who work in a noisy environment as these headphones can block the distracting sound so they can focus on their work properly. With the help of this device, employees can attend to and manage their duties in unfavorable conditions such as traveling. 

5. Portable Mug Warmer

No matter whatever the situation, employees work in every season whether it’s a monsoon or winter season. To show your appreciation, you can gift a portable mug warmer. This mug warmer can keep the beverage warm throughout the day. This office gift suits for employees who work in different shifts and attend long meetings. Ultimately, this mug warmer can suit various professional workspaces. The main benefit of mug warmers is their universal design, which works with mugs of various shapes and sizes.  This reduces the task of buying a specific warming plate and offers compatibility with most mugs that employees may already have.  

6. High-Quality Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Gifting a good quality water bottle to your workplace can be a great initiative. This can keep the health of your employees stable and help them to keep their bodies hydrated while traveling or working. Furthermore, gifting high-quality and environmentally friendly bottles can reduce environmental pollution caused by plastic. You can make the gift more attractive by adding the company logo, or employee initials. You can choose Stainless steel, glass, or bamboo bottles which are the finest products as they tend to be the best eco-friendly water bottles. This gift promotes environmental awareness and encourages a healthy lifestyle inside as well as outside the workplace. 

7. Eco-Friendly Desk Supplies

Another meaningful office gift is eco-friendly desk supplies. This includes pens made from bamboo, recycled papers, soybean-based soy ink, plantable pencils, and many more. These environmentally friendly choices not only help the environment, but they convey the values of your company and encourage employees to adopt more eco-friendly lives. 

8. Reusable Coffee Mugs

If your employees enjoy drinking coffee, then you can add reusable coffee mugs to your list of office gift ideas. There are a series of benefits as it will keep the coffee warm, produce zero waste, have a stylish look, are budget-friendly, made up of no toxic material, and be easy to carry. 

9. Sketchbooks and Colored Pencils

With the help of colors and sketches, employees can explore their creative world and relax with this workplace stress. Hardcover sketchbooks allow employees to dodge, scribble, and sketch random stuff to devour their stress. And color pencils come in so many varieties so that workers can explore their creative side by engaging in coloring activities. These activities can be relaxing and stress-relieving for employees, which can help them stay focused drive creativity, and enhance their problem-solving techniques. You can add this amazing gift idea to your list. 

10. Blue Light Glasses

These days most employees work staring at the computer screen for a longer time, and this can tier their eyes. Hence, to protect the eyes from high brightness, gifting Blue light glasses can be the best solution. These glasses offer a variety of benefits such as it can give a stylish look, providing better sleep, reducing eye strain, offering a more comfortable experience for your eyes while working, and keeping the eyes healthy. This gift shows how dedicated you are to creating a positive and productive work atmosphere.

11. High-Quality Desk Mat

If you think that your employee desk looks boring and outdated. Then you can gift them a high-quality desk mat. This can enhance the look of the desk and provide a professional workspace vibe. To keep stains and dust out of your desk mat, make sure it is dark in color. Also, choose the right size desk mat which is made of high-quality fabric. Some desk mats include slots or spaces organized for keeping certain items, such as phones, laptops, or keyboards.  This helps employees to properly maintain all the desk items.

12. Support Pillows or Backrests

Employees sit for long periods near the desk which can cause discomfort and, back pain and increase the pressure on the back muscles and spinal discs. So, gifting standard quality support pillows or backrests can be a good gift idea if you want to care about the employee’s health. This support pillow can comfort the employees and encourage them to work efficiently without encountering any muscle cramps and fatigue. 

13. Meditation App Subscription

Meditation can provide great relief from workplace stress for employees. A quality meditation subscription offers an easy way of stress management, improves the focus on work, and a proper mental peace. These modern-day apps provide useful insight regarding meditations, breathing techniques, and various exercises. 

14. Virtual and In-Person Team Building Activity

These days employees prefer to work from a remote setting and handle the team by staying away from the office and colleagues. However, bridging with new employee’s virtual team building activities can be a great idea. You can find many unique corporate team-building ideas that can boost communication and collaboration skills, enhance productivity in the workspace, improve teamwork, and create a positive atmosphere.

15. Wrist Rests

Corporate employees often work on desktops and have lots of typing work. Since prolonged typing can cause discomfort in the arms and the worst it can lead to severe pain. However, wristrests have proved to be an effective office gift for employees. There are various types of wrist rests such as gel-filled wrist rests, foam-filled, and many more. These fillings inside the wrist rest help employees to rest their wrists straight while typing by maintaining a proper posture, reducing the swelling and it also relieves arm pain.

16. Laptop Stand 

These days, most employees use laptops while working, and as a result of their prolonged use, most of them suffer neck and shoulder pain. So, you can gift them a good quality laptop stand which can help them get rid of strain full neck and shoulder ache. Some of the best-quality laptop stands come with additional features like cooling fans, USB ports, and many built-in accessories. These small things bring better performance, and greater productivity and provide a comfortable working experience. 

17. Bluetooth Speakers

Employees can stream their favorite podcasts, music, songs, audiobooks, or any audio content with the help of Bluetooth speakers. These speakers are very easy to use, and they are waterproof, portable, tiny, and have a long battery life. This can be a suitable gift for workplace giving as it creates a more enjoyable work atmosphere. Employees can use Bluetooth speakers during team-building activities or corporate outings. 

18. Picture Frame

You can gift a picture frame where employees can gather all the best moments spent with their colleagues during employee engagement activity. A team-building activity provides a memorable experience in an employee’s life. So, a picture frame allows them to store a piece of nostalgia and create a positive atmosphere on their desk. Gifting this picture frame allows employees can carry the happiest memories along with them even after leaving this workplace.

19. Cozy Hoodie

Cozy hoodies are excellent office gift ideas. You can order a hoodie with a customized design that features your company logo, motivational quotes, or both. You can offer your employees a warm hoodie with their initials. Selecting a lightweight, soft hoodie, with light color can add an elegant look. You can wear these hoodies for team-building activities as well. 

20. Professional Backpack

You can gift a backpack with several compartments which allows employees to store their laptops, tablets, notebooks, diaries, chargers, and many other stuff. You can get a variety of customized backpacks where you can add company logos, and employee initials accordingly. 

If the employee often travels to various locations, then gifting a good-quality backpack can be a great idea. These backpacks offer an attractive and comfortable way to carry essential equipment, ensuring efficient and long-lasting.

21. Desk Plants

Corporate employees spend most of their time working on their desks, so they love decorating their desks with a variety of stuff. Recently people have been adding desk plants to their desks which can bring a touch of nature to their workplace. So, you can gift succulents, air plants, snake plants, cacti, and other varieties of desk plants that are suitable for the workplace. These beautiful desk plants boost creativity, reduce stress, and purify the air.

22. Books

Books are always the best gifts as you can find numerous varieties. You can gift a novel, inspirational books, business books, and many more. After all, you can gift books of a variety of genres. Reading Books can enhance knowledge, help personality development, create new interests, and bring a wide change among employees. You can provide your employees with a more specific gift if you can find out their favorite book genre or suitable taste. 


Selecting a perfect gift for your employees can be a tricky task. But gifting an appropriate gift can add a great sense of appreciation towards your employees. These thoughtful details about Office gift ideas can impact your employees and result in more productivity and a positive work environment. No matter what the gift might be whether it’s a tiny smiley batch or a big photo frame, these gifts can impel a long-lasting bond with the organization.