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Cimpress India, a company known for its cutting-edge printing and tech solutions, recently held a major HR team gathering called “Enablers” at their Mumbai office. Embracing their hybrid work model, Cimpress wanted to strengthen connections among their geographically dispersed HR team while familiarizing them with the office space.

No Of Employees

80 Employees

Activity Name

Geo Hunt Office Olympics


Bridge the Physical Distance between Team Members

Client Background:

Cimpress India prioritizes a collaborative and positive work environment. Their goal for the event was to bridge the physical distance between team members and build camaraderie despite their scattered locations. Recognizing the importance of real-life connections in a hybrid work setting, Cimpress wanted to create an opportunity for meaningful interaction and engagement.

Solution Provided:

To address these goals, Corporate Compass had proposed innovative corporate team building ideas and Cimpress chose one among the best team building activities which had lots of fun and immersive 3-hour team-building program called “Geo Hunt Office Olympics.” This exciting workshop combined elements of fun, teamwork, and exploration. It all kicked off with engaging icebreakers to get everyone warmed up before diving into an office-wide scavenger hunt. Teams competed in Olympic-style challenges across different parts of the office.


The “Geo Hunt Office Olympics” was a fun team activity! Participants got totally involved in the spirit of teamwork and friendly competition. Teams navigated the office, solving clues and tackling various challenges that required collaboration, creativity, and strategic thinking. The interactive nature of the workshop encouraged participants to connect naturally and step outside their comfort zones.

This event not only fostered bonding through shared experiences, but it also helped everyone understand each other’s strengths and working styles better. The “Geo Hunt Office Olympics” left a positive and lasting impact on team spirit and collaboration among Cimpress India’s HR professionals nationwide. “Geo Hunt” wasn’t just average employee engagement activities in HR, but it brought the entire HR team closer.

Results and Impact:

The “Geo Hunt” workshop wasn’t just fun – it brought Cimpress India’s HR team closer. Team building activities for work can be a fun way to boost communication and collaboration among colleagues. Teams collaborated through office challenges, forging bonds, and learning each other’s strengths. Now, geographically dispersed HR professionals feel more connected, boosting morale and paving the way for smoother collaboration across the organization.


Cimpress India picked a cool “Geo Hunt Office Olympics” team building activity. This shows how much they care about making their workplace fun and welcoming for everyone. These activities help Cimpress employees get to know each other better, work together more effectively, and do their best jobs, even though some people work from home and some work in the office.