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HDFC Bank has been a fantastic client since 2017, and we’ve worked together on a bunch of projects to keep their employees happy and working well together. With so many branches across India, HDFC Bank knows it’s important to keep their employees engaged all year round. Their internal Employee Engagement team works hard to make this happen, and that’s where we come in! We help them run virtual and in-person team building activities for their branch teams, no matter where they’re located, even in smaller cities.

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100 Employees

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Time Machine

Auction Premier League

Virtual and Inperson Million Dollar Challenge


Collaboration, Building Trust, Adapting a Change

Client Background:

HDFC Bank is one of India’s biggest banks, and their teams are huge and come from all sorts of backgrounds. They know happy employees are good for business, so their internal team is always looking for ways to make the workplace feel positive and supportive. Here at Corporate Compass, we partner with them to create virtual and in-person team building activities that fit the specific needs of each branch team, considering their roles and locations.

Solution Provided:

We offer virtual workshops and outdoor team building games for teams that focus on keeping everyone motivated and feeling good about their work. While performing in-person workshops, we tailor the team building activities to according to the needs of the team. We consider several parameters to enhance the team qualities such as How does the team need to work together better? How to Build trust? How do we get along better with each other? What is required that they need to be more creative or learn how to handle change effectively? We design corporate team outing to address these needs in a fun and engaging way.

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Our partnership with HDFC Bank has been a real success story! A big accomplishment was our work together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though things were tough, we were able to deliver over 200 virtual corporate activities for HDFC Bank’s teams all over India. These workshops helped keep everyone’s spirits up and feeling connected, even when they couldn’t be together in person.

Results and Impact:

The work we’ve done with HDFC Bank has made a big difference. Their employees feel better about their work, the teams work together more smoothly, and overall, the bank performs better. By creating custom-made team building activities, we’ve helped HDFC Bank’s teams learn new skills, build stronger relationships, and face challenges with a positive attitude.


Our long-lasting partnership with HDFC Bank shows how committed we are to creating team building programs that really make a difference. We’ll keep working with them to help them build a dynamic, engaged, and high-performing workforce that can face anything the future of finance throws their way!