Auction Premier League


120-150 Mins

Group Size

8-50 Participants



Mode of delivery


Workshop Description

Auction Premier League for Fun Team Building Games it’s a riveting role-play workshop developed to challenge the teams to put their best capabilities to the test in order to build the best cricket team in an exciting live auction with limited resources at their disposal. The major outcome which comes out from Auction Premier League is “Big Picture Thinking”.

Workshop Brief

Four teams are formed and team members take the role of cricket team owners. They compete with other teams to build the best cricket team in a live auction.

The team members strategize a plan and take decisions together to utilize the limited allocated resources in a volatile & uncertain environment.

The teams need to track progress and make course corrections based on changing scenarios & new information that comes into light, during the course of play.

Auction premier league is a fast-paced team building workshop which captivates the teams while testing their skills and keeping them on their toes at all times during the Program.

Key Focus Area

focussing-on-bigger-picture icon

Focusing on Bigger Picture

change-management icon

Change Management

strategic thinking icon

Strategic Thinking

Conscious Collaboration

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This workshop is designed to bring out the participants’ ability to manage change, think strategically, and focus on the bigger picture in a challenging competitive environment. This is best suited when the above outcomes are targeted. Along with these outcomes, the debrief can be done around Short Term Vs Long Term perspective, the importance of having goals and action plans in place, and adapting to “VUCA” challenges. Auction Premier League, along with Team building games & activities for employees, can be conducted for teams at all hierarchies, but when done for senior or middle management teams, the effect and impact are more pronounced.

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Space Requirement

It’s a completely indoor workshop. A meeting / training room or a conference hall is sufficient for the delivery. As a mandatory requirement, every team needs to have at least one laptop and every team member needs to have a smartphone as this workshop involves tech.


Auction Premier League offers limited scope of customisation at design level. Employer branding is a possibility.


Million Dollar challenge is a fun based Team Building Activity where you have to invest an amount and generate higher returns

Participants have to perform and complete certain task

Overview of the task will be provided to you basis which you have to select your own task 

The team which completes maximum number of  tasks and generate highest returns will be declared as the winner

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