20 Team Building Games Your Whole Team Will Love

team building games

For an organization to understand the strengths of its employees, it is important to have team building games that cater to both virtual and in-person environments and ensure inclusivity. 

Not every game suits every team; it’s crucial to choose team building games for employees that are comfortable and safe participating in. Beyond fun, these games often reveal insights about team dynamics and can be a great way to deal with underlying issues among teams.

Incorporating regular team building games can lead to improved communication, trust, and overall team performance. 

Listed below are 20 team building games for work that companies can organize that their employees will love:

1. Million Dollar Challenge: 

This is a fantastic game that tests the team building capacity of employees. The objective of the game is to invest an amount to generate higher returns on completing allotted tasks. Whichever tea, produces the highest return is declared the winner. 

2. Murder Mystery Challenge: 

The perfect game for all murder mystery lovers. The objective of this virtual activity is to solve a murder case as a team before the other teams succeed. It promotes observation and communication skills and also helps with teamwork. 

3. Auction Premier League: 

A classic in great team building games, this game is developed to challenge teams to put their best capabilities to the test by building the best cricket team in an exciting live auction with limited resources at their disposal. The employees will be on their toes as they have to think strategically and quickly. 

4. Time Machine

Time Machine logo Team building activity

A treasure hunt that is all about finding treasure from the past, present, and, future. Team members are taken on a time travel journey and they have to collect the maximum “Go Coins” which is the currency of the treasure in Time Machine. Treasure can be found either in the Past, Present, or Future. This challenging game requires problem-solving skills and strong communication among team members. 

5. Chain Reaction Challenge:

Employees are divided into smaller teams and expected to work simultaneously on different tables that are kept next to one another. Every team at every table gets various resources with the end objective of hoisting a flag of the organization.

6. Geo Hunt: 

This is an ultimate combination of technology and physical game divided into sub-activities. The teams will not only out their logical, decision-making, and sporting tactics but also their teamwork to test as they compete to complete a series of Olympic-styled innovative team tasks. 

7. Team Olympics: 

A series of cool team building games comprising both outdoor and indoor activities that ensure maximum fun and healthy competition. This game challenges the employees’ time management abilities and teamwork, all while promising a really fun environment.

8. Activity Marathon: 

This game is an exciting combination of outdoor and indoor activities that challenge participants’ time management and teamwork skills. This game challenges employees’ physical as well as mental capabilities. The winning team is decided by the total time taken by a team to complete all activities, ensuring maximum participation.

9. Virtual Escape Rooms

Team members must work together to solve puzzles and complete challenges to “escape” from a virtual room. This activity requires strong communication and critical thinking, making it an excellent choice for building teamwork skills.

10. Geoquest: 

A mind-boggling game that can be played by employees within the comfort of their homes or offices. The game tests the participants’ geographical knowledge and thinking capacity and promotes communication, decision-making, and time-management skills. 

11. Online Trivia Competitions

Host virtual trivia nights where teams can test their knowledge on various topics. It’s a way to promote friendly competition and teamwork while learning new facts together.

12. Virtual Fitness Classes

Always having team building games outdoor is not an option. Therefore, a twist can be to have virtual fitness classes. A yoga class, a dance session, or a workout class, this activity promotes employee well-being, fosters a sense of unity, and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

13. Lunch and Learn: 

This is a concept that is becoming popular day by day, especially in smaller companies. Organizations can select a team member to talk about a specific topic or passion outside work for an hour, along with an organized lunch meal. This is a great way to increase team bonding and promote personal development. The best part is, that this lunch and learn concept boosts team collaboration as the employees actively get engaged in discussions. 

14. Skill-Sharing Sessions

Encourage employees to share their expertise by hosting virtual workshops or skill-sharing sessions. Whether it’s cooking, painting, coding, or any other hobby or skill, these sessions promote learning and bonding among team members.

15. Virtual Team Building Games

Games such as charades, monopoly, or online board games are great virtual team building games. These games encourage communication, problem-solving, and team spirit.

16. Awards Night

Organize a night like an award show, where the employees get to dress up, let loose, and enjoy. These awards should reflect the company’s values and objectives, and make the employees feel recognized. Organizations can also involve employees in the award selection process by asking them to nominate their colleagues, as well as have a virtual voting session to determine the winners. This will bring transparency in the selection process and the employees will view the awards as something meaningful.

17. Bollywood Bubble: 

In this game, the employees are required to assume the role of movie production companies. They are expected to come together and make a blockbuster movie. This game challenges the participants’ leadership skills by exploring their responses and reactions in tough situations. 

18. What’s on Your Desk: 

Best for the sales and marketing team, each team member is required to bring one item from their desk to play this game. Then the tea member is required to come up with a name, logo, slogan, and marketing plan for that object in a set time. Once the time is up, the team member gives a five-minute presentation on their product as if they are selling it. Then a discussion can happen wherein it is informed which product was successfully sold and why. This is a great activity to promote creativity and problem-solving. 

19. Two Truths, One Lie: 

Every team member comes up with two facts about themselves and one lie. Then they are asked to present their statements in front of a whole group, wherein the group votes on which one they think is a lie. This turns out to be a really fun game that helps in bringing together employees, creates laughter and happiness, as well as, lays down building blocks for great conversations and team building.

20. Charades: 

Nostalgia in its own, a walk down the childhood memory lane. Divide employees into teams. Whichever member of a team goes first, is given an object. Then that member has to demonstrate how to use the object without actually showing it in front of their team. Their team gets 60 seconds on the clock to guess and say the correct word. This classic game is a great way to give employees a break from a mentally taxing day.

Incorporating team building games can significantly improve morale, productivity, and job satisfaction among employees. These fun games create a sense of belonging and strengthen relationships among team members.