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DBS Tech, a big name in banking tech, has been working with Corporate Compass since 2021 to create a fantastic onboarding program for their new hires. Every year, they welcome around 400 fresh faces straight out of college through their “SEEders” program.

No Of Employees

210 Employees

Activity Name

Million Dollar Challenge


New Hires bond and Work Together

Client Background:

At DBS Tech, building strong relationships is a top priority. They believe that by encouraging collaboration, trust, and teamwork, they can create a culture of innovation and excellence.

Solution Provided:

Knowing how important teamwork is to DBS Tech, Corporate Compass, one of the finest employee engagement activity organisers, offered one of the best team building games that is “Million Dollar Challenge” – a bunch of fun team activities designed to help new hires bond and work together.” This program has over 20 different things for new team members to do, all focused on helping them get to know each other, communicate effectively, and learn how to use each other’s strengths to overcome challenges.

Experiential-learning workshop for DBS Bank


The “Million Dollar Challengeteam building activity was a success! It kept the participants engaged for a good two and a half hours with fun and engaging activities. All individuals had equal opportunity to come together and come up with solutions as a group. They learn to communicate clearly and use each other’s strengths to overcome difficult challenges. It was a great opportunity to develop teamwork and problem-solving skills in a way that wasn’t dry or boring!

Results and Impact:

The team building activities for employees wasn’t just a one-time thing. Its effects reached far beyond the conference room.  New hires went back to their desks with a stronger understanding of how crucial collaboration is. This led to a noticeable improvement in teamwork and communication across the entire organization.  The friendships forged during the workshop created a real sense of camaraderie and boosted everyone’s morale.


DBS Tech India ditched the typical onboarding routine and opted for a brilliant strategy kicking things off with a team building activities. The positive effects of the “Million Dollar Challenge” extended far beyond the confines of the workshop itself.  Participants returned to their professional roles with a heightened awareness of the significance of collaborative work.  This, in turn, demonstrably improved communication and collaboration across the organization.  Furthermore, the bonds forged during the workshop transcended the temporary nature of the event, fostering a sense of camaraderie and boosting employee morale in a sustained manner.