Dharma Productions

Dharma Productions, a big name in the Indian Film Industry, has been a client we love working with for the past two years. Their team is young and full of life, and every year they throw an amazing offsite event to keep their employees happy.  The events usually have the best team engagement activities that get everyone working together.

No Of Employees

140 Employees

Activity Name

Million Dollar Challenge

Geo Hunt Olympics


Boost Team Spirit 


Client Background:

Dharma Productions is all about creativity and a team that works well together. With around 140 energetic employees, they want their offsite events to be unique and unforgettable. One of their biggest goals? Three hours of staff engagement activities, including a fun ice breaker activity at the start, that leave everyone feeling pumped and inspired, saying things like “Wow, I’ve never done anything like this before, this is awesome!”

Solution Provided:

Knowing Dharma Productions loves a challenge, we always suggest high-energy, workplace engagement activities designed just for them. In year one, we did the “Million Dollar Challenge,” which is packed with 20 different activities to keep everyone excited and involved. In year two, we mixed things up with “Inside Out” and “Geo Hunt Olympics,” throwing in over 30 activities to keep the momentum going and surprise them.

Indoor team building activities


Each year, we planned the team engagement activities meticulously considering the finest detail. We wanted to ensure everyone felt involved and had a great experience. The “Million Dollar Challenge” lived up to its name by captivating participants with a diverse range of dynamic activities. Think of it like a high-energy adventure playground, but with the added benefit of fostering teamwork and motivation! From the challenges themselves to the way they were structured, everything encouraged collaboration and strategizing, all while keeping the atmosphere fun and supportive. The feedback for this staff engagement activities was overwhelmingly positive. Participants loved the innovative approach and the noticeable boost in team spirit they experienced.

For the second year’s offsite, we took things a step further. We offered a combination of two workshops: “Inside Out” and “Geo Hunt Olympics.” “Inside Out” took a more introspective approach, focusing on how the team functions internally and how individuals within the team can grow. It wasn’t all serious reflection, though! There were still creative tasks designed to keep things engaging. On the other hand, the “Geo Hunt Olympics” added a dash of excitement and exploration. Teams tackled a series of physical and mental challenges, working together to navigate their way through. This not only promoted collaboration but also gave everyone a strong sense of achievement from conquering the challenges together.

Results and Impact:

The impact of our workplace engagement activities on Dharma Productions’ team has been incredible. Every year, the workshops leave a lasting impression. Team members can’t stop talking about how much fun they had and how unique the whole experience was. The high-energy activities weren’t just for laughs, though! They helped people work together better and rediscover their passion and motivation for their work.

The feedback we’ve gotten has been consistently positive, and the creative, outside-the-box approach we take has paid off. It solidified our relationship with Dharma Productions, and they’ve even asked us back to run their annual offsite event two years in a row!


Working with Dharma Productions has been a great example of what we do best: creating custom-made team building activities that energetic and creative teams love. By consistently exceeding expectations with fun and innovative activities, we’ve helped Dharma Productions build a team that truly works together and gets excited about what they do. As we continue our partnership, we’re committed to creating unforgettable experiences that inspire and motivate the team, making sure each offsite event is a massive success!