Fortum India

Fortum India, a leading player in the energy Industry, held a team offsite at Mussoorie’s hill station. The team had gathered with 75 individuals from various departments of the company. The entire team was present to increase their impact and profits by a staggering 10x, as well as to showcase optimum teamwork.

No Of Employees

75 Employees

Activity Name

Chain Reaction

Million Dollar Challenge


Team Spirit and Collaboration

Client Background:

Fortum India is all about being sustainable and innovative when it comes to energy. They have a diverse team and their mission is to completely transform the way we think about energy. The offsite location was their chance to get everyone on the same platform about their ambitious goal of achieving 10X the impact and profits they’re currently seeing. It was also a chance to make sure everyone feels comfortable working together and coming up with creative solutions.

Solution Provided:

The facilitator of Corporate Compass had sufficient experience in managing team activities and other virtual activities for employees and was ready to help Fortum India in the team building activities. Our Corporate Compass team had many creative team building activities for employees outdoors, which was designed to boost team spirit and collaboration. Our team came up with two special team building activities for their team members. The first one was called the “Million Dollar Challenge” in other places, but we changed it to the “10X Challenge” for Fortum. This challenge was packed with sub activities that showed everyone how working together as a team is super important when you want to achieve 10 times the results (that’s 10X!). After that, there was another team development activity called “Chain Reaction” which was actually the “Implementation Workshop.” Here, teams took everything they learned from the first challenge and implemented it.

The whole team event started with fun activities outside in the morning to get some fresh air. Then in the afternoon, everyone moved inside to work together. There were fun exercises, brainstorming sessions where everyone shared their ideas, and challenges that people could do themselves. Furthermore all were motivated to achieve 10X and work smoothly together .

The 10X team building activities tested the teams with different tasks and situations. By working closely together, they learned just how important teamwork is when it comes to getting amazing results. Then, in the “Implementation Workshop,” teams took everything they learned and used it to come up with real plans they could put into action. This made everyone feel like they had a role to play and were responsible for making Fortum India successful.


The team get away started with fun activities outside in the morning to get everyone energized. Then, in the afternoon, they moved indoors for more teamwork exercises. These exercises were designed to be interactive and engaging, like games and discussions (brainstorming) where everyone could share ideas. The whole point was to remind everyone about achieving 10 times the impact and profits (that’s 10X!), and to get them working together smoothly as a team.

The first team building activities, originally called the “Million Dollar Challenge,” was renamed the “10X Challenge” for Fortum. This challenge involved teams working closely together on different tasks and situations. This helped everyone see how important teamwork is when it comes to getting amazing results. There was also another activity called the “Implementation Workshop.” Here, teams took everything they learned from the first challenge and turned it into concrete plans they could use. This made everyone feel responsible for making Fortum India successful, like they all had a stake in the game.

The last team development activities of the day were the “Chain Reaction Challenge.” Here, teams had to use their creativity and teamwork to build these elaborate chain reactions that ended up raising the company flag. This was a fun way to show everyone how their individual efforts could come together to achieve Fortum India’s ambitious goals – just like the chain reaction!

Results and Impact:

The Fortum India team building activities was a big win! Everyone participated in the workshops and activities, and they felt motivated by the whole experience. The focus on working together and achieving 10 times the results really stuck with the team. They learned that by working together, they can achieve much more and reach the company’s goals. The trip also brought everyone closer and gave them a shared purpose, which will help Fortum India keep coming up with new ideas and keep growing.


Our work with Fortum India shows that we’re good at creating custom-made solutions that fit their needs perfectly. By combining fun workshops with activities that people could do themselves, we were able to help Fortum India get their message across about achieving 10X and working together as a team. As Fortum India keeps working on making big changes in the energy industry, we’ll be there to support them and help them succeed.