Honeywell, a huge American company with many different businesses, wanted to bring together their leadership teams in India for some fun activities. There were two teams, each with about 20 people, and Honeywell wanted them to work together on some special projects. The main goals were to remind everyone about the company’s important values and to get them thinking about giving back to the community (Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR).

No Of Employees

20 Employees

Activity Name

One Vision


Corporate Social Responsibility

Client Background:

Honeywell is a world leader in making lots of different things, from airplane parts to special materials. They believe in working together, coming up with new ideas (innovation), and helping others. The leadership teams in India are especially important for making sure these things happen. Honeywell wanted some fun and meaningful activities to help the teams remember these ideas and show them how important it is to help people in their communities.

Solution Provided:

Our Corporate Compass team is popular in creating indoor games for group and getting outstanding ideas to help corporates in arranging fun activities for employees. We came up with two different team bonding activities for each team. The first one was called “One Vision.” This team building activity was designed to remind everyone about Honeywell’s values by having them work together on a big painting. The second activity was called “Pedals of Purpose.” The group bonding activities were focused on CSR by getting the teams to build bicycles for children from a local charity (NGO).

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Event 1: “One Vision”

The “One Vision” activity was all about working together and being on the same page. The big team was split into smaller groups, and each group got a piece of a giant puzzle. This puzzle showed Honeywell’s important ideas and goals, but each group couldn’t see the whole picture yet! They used paints and brushes to create their own piece of the puzzle, without knowing how it fit in with the others. Once all the pieces were done, they put them all together to reveal the “Big Picture.” This was a cool way to show Honeywell’s values and goals in a way that everyone could remember and understand.

Event 2: “Pedals of Purpose”

The “Pedals of Purpose” activity focused on helping others in the community. The teams got to build bicycles using special kits with instructions. This hands-on project wasn’t just about working together as a team, it was also a fun activity for employees. Once the bikes were built, the teams got to donate them to children from a local charity. This was a great way to make a real difference in the community and make the leaders feel good about what they accomplished.

Results and Impact:

These team bonding activities were a big hit with Honeywell! The “One Vision” activity helped everyone remember the company’s values and how important it is to work together towards the same goals. The leaders found the activity to be both fun and thought-provoking, and the finished “Big Picture” served as a constant reminder of their shared goals.

The “Pedals of Purpose” activity had a big impact on the leaders. Building and donating bicycles to local children wasn’t just about teamwork – it also made the leaders feel proud and accomplished. Seeing the joy and appreciation from the children who received the bikes left a lasting impression on everyone involved.


Overall, our work with Honeywell shows that we can create team building activities that are both fun and meaningful. These group bonding activities can help companies achieve their goals and remind employees about the importance of social responsibility. As Honeywell keeps pushing the boundaries of innovation and social responsibility, we’ll be there to support them with exciting and inspiring team building experiences!