One Vision


120-180 Mins

Group Size

24-200 Participants



Mode of delivery

In Person

Activity Description

One Vision is the ultimate team building activity that showcases the power of collaboration and teamwork. By sharing best practices and breaking down silos, your team can achieve its goals together. This innovative activity, which takes the form of a painting session, helps to foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork in a fun and engaging way. Perfect for business team building activities !

Activity Brief

One Vision is an innovative team-building activity that encourages collaboration and teamwork. In this activity, delegates are divided into small groups, each responsible for painting a small segment of an image. However, the catch is that no one knows what the final image will look like until all the pieces are put together. Therefore, teams must work together and communicate effectively to ensure that all the lines meet, and the colors match up. 

The painted image can be a representation of a company’s brand, values, goals, or even a recreation of a famous work of art. This provides an opportunity for teams to exercise their creativity and bring their ideas to life. 

As the workshop progresses, participants will realize how their focus is only on what they and their immediate team are working on. But then they will understand that they have a larger role to play in creating the final image. This is when they will start to collaborate and communicate with each other to ensure that everyone is on the same page. If they can do this successfully, they will truly see the One Vision and be proud of their accomplishment. 

This activity serves as a powerful metaphor for how collaboration and teamwork can lead to great success in the workplace. Participants will leave the session feeling more connected and motivated to work together towards a common goal.

Key Focus Area

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“One Vision is the perfect team-building workshop for teams that need to work together and collaborate regularly to achieve a common goal. This workshop helps participants understand the value of collaboration and teamwork in the workplace, leading to a more productive and motivated team. Ideal for teams at all levels and hierarchies 

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Space Requirement

Since One Vision is all about drawing, painting, and canvas, it only requires a good indoor space with cluster seating. This activity can be set up in a variety of spaces, such as conference rooms or hotel ballrooms.  


The final outcome, the big picture, can be customized or edited to reflect a company’s values, motto, slogan, or workshop theme. It’s the ideal addition to your toolkit for business team-building activities, encouraging cooperation and unity among your members.


Million Dollar challenge is a fun based Team Building Activity where you have to invest an amount and generate higher returns

Participants have to perform and complete certain task

Overview of the task will be provided to you basis which you have to select your own task 

The team which completes maximum number of  tasks and generate highest returns will be declared as the winner

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