Incorp Advisory

Incorp Advisory, a big financial advisor and business consultant in India, throws a big yearly event for their employees at different places around the country. This event has speeches from the leadership, awards for great work, and fun activities to help everyone work together better. Incorp knows that using technology is a big key to their success, and they wanted to remind everyone of that at their event. They also wanted their Bangalore and Vadodara teams to feel like one big team.

No Of Employees

300 Employees

Activity Name

Tech Treasure Hunt


Work Together

Client Background:

Incorp Advisory is a top financial advisor in India. They use the latest technology to help their business grow. They also believe in teamwork and having creative ideas. Incorp wanted their annual work event to be fun and challenging for their smart employees, with activities that would get them working together.

Solution Provided:

We at Corporate Compass have arranged several virtual team building activities, and indoor games for office. With our past clients we arranged virtual games for teams, but to help Incorp meet their goals, we came up with a special team building activity named as “Tech Treasure Hunt” workshop. We made it just for Incorp, according to their needs. This fun and active team bonding activity was a mix of using technology, solving tricky puzzles, and even some moving around! Teams worked together to crack brain teasers and puzzles, using their phones or computers to find secret spots and conquer challenges as a team.

Indoor Scavenger Hunts


This outdoor team building activity treasure hunt took place in beautiful locations. Teams in Bangalore explored the scenic outskirts, while Vadodara teams got to experience the impressive Statue of Unity as their backdrop. This exciting setting made the team building activities even more engaging and doubled the joy. Everyone was excited to use their brains, creativity, and teamwork to solve the challenging puzzles and hidden clues. The whole workshop was full of energy, keeping everyone motivated and having a great time throughout the event.

Results and Impact:

The “tech treasure hunt” was a perfect team building activity for Incorp. It fit perfectly with Incorp’s goals of using technology and working together as a team. Everyone loved the challenge and presented their amazing problem-solving skills by working together to figure out the puzzles. This activity brought the teams closer together, highlighting the value of teamwork to everyone. Now Incorp feels even more confident about being innovative and achieving success together!


Incorp Advisory teamed up with us for their awesome “tech treasure hunt” workshop. This showed everyone how much Incorp values teamwork and using the latest technology. By having these fun and challenging activities, Incorp is helping their employees feel even more confident using technology, working together to solve problems, and reaching for the stars! Incorp is setting a whole new standard for what success looks like in the financial advisory world!