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Collaborating with LinkedIn India, a well-known brand in professional networking, demonstrates our skill and expertise. We had the great opportunity to collaborate with their leadership team consisting of a group of 24 individuals, during their unique retreat in Lonavala. Their HR director meticulously arranged the entire event. The purpose of the retreat was to facilitate greater communication, more teamwork, and a better understanding of LinkedIn’s top priorities among the team leaders.

No Of Employees

24 Employees

Activity Name

One Vision


Greater Communication, More Teamwork

Client Background:

LinkedIn India is known for being both innovative and excellent when it comes to professional networking. It’s a diverse group, with people between 30 and 55 years old. They wanted to do a team building activity to remind everyone about LinkedIn’s core values and goals, and to encourage collaboration across different teams within the company. The corporate team building games took place indoors and lasted about two and a half hours.

Solution Provided:

We at Corporate compass design motivating and engaging team building game ideas to help LinkedIn India team. We created a special team building activity called “One Vision.” We started things off with fun activities to loosen everyone up and get to know each other better. Then, we moved on to the main event: a collaborative painting project!

The team leaders were split into smaller groups, and each group was given a piece of a giant canvas. They couldn’t see the whole picture yet, but they had to work together with the other groups to paint their piece and make sure the colours and design matched up perfectly.

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Once everyone finished painting their sections, it was time for the big reveal! All the pieces were brought together to show the giant “Big Picture.” This was a special moment that truly highlighted the power of teamwork. It wasn’t just about putting together a pretty picture; it was about seeing how each individual piece fit into the whole vision.

The final artwork was amazing – not just because it looked cool, but because it also represented what LinkedIn is all about. It had symbols and messages that were special to the team, acting as a reminder of their core values and goals. After seeing the big picture, everyone took some time to reflect on the experience. This discussion helped them take away practical ideas and lessons they could use in their everyday work.

Results and Impact:

The LinkedIn India leadership team was engaged and impressed by the “One Vision” team building activity. It made them value teamwork even more and highlighted the importance of having a common understanding of the goals of the company. In addition to learning about collaboration, students took away some helpful ideas that they may use in their daily work. What’s even cooler is that the incredible artwork they created serves as an ongoing reminder of what they can do when they work to achieve a common goal.


Working with LinkedIn India’s leadership team was a fantastic example of how we create custom team building experiences that hit the spot. We team builders in India designed activities that fit perfectly with their goals.

We’re all about building strong, innovative teams, and partnering with companies like LinkedIn lets us keep doing just that. By helping teams work together better, we empower them to reach their full potential. In the ever-changing world of professional networking, strong teams are key to success, and that’s what we’re passionate about helping achieve!