Gold Rush


60-180 Mins

Group Size

20-200 Participants



Mode of delivery

In person

Workshop Description

Looking for exciting company team building activities near me? Look no further than Gold Rush!

Gold Rush is an enchanting team building game show where teams must make collective decisions on when and how far they want to venture into the depths of a mysterious temple to earn gold. It’s a game of risks and returns – how deep into the temple will you explore before leaving with your riches? This thrilling team building activity will put your team’s decision-making skills to the test as they work together to achieve their collective goal. 

Workshop Brief

As a team of expeditioners, you are on a quest to explore the ancient Mayan temples and find the most gold. In Gold Rush, your team will need to make significant decisions and negotiate with other teams to overcome deadly hazards that await in the ruined temple.  

This thrilling team building activity challenges teams to not only work closely together but also interact with other teams to create mutually beneficial scenarios that can help them survive and thrive in the game. Effective communication and collaboration are key to success, and teams will need to use their problem-solving and decision-making skills to achieve their goal. 

 Throughout the game, teams will face a variety of challenges and obstacles that will require them to work together to overcome. The game is designed to test teams’ ability to manage risk, make sound decisions, and work together towards a common goal. 

Overall, Gold Rush is an exciting and engaging team building activity that will put your team’s skills to the test while providing a fun and rewarding experience. 

Key Focus Area

focussing-on-bigger-picture icon

Focusing on Big Picture

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Strategic Thinking

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Change Management

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Teams at all levels. Gold Rush is an ideal team building activity for corporate teams, organizations, and groups looking to improve their communication, collaboration, and change management skills. One of the key elements of Gold Rush is its focus on big picture thinking. Teams will need to work together to create a vision for success and then develop a plan to achieve that vision. This requires a high level of collaboration and strategic thinking, as well as the ability to stay focused on the ultimate goal. In addition to promoting teamwork and collaboration, Gold Rush also emphasizes change management. Throughout the game, teams will encounter unexpected obstacles and challenges that require them to adapt and change their approach. 

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Space Requirement

An indoor space like conference or banquet hall with cluster seating arrangement.


Gold Rush offers a moderate degree of customization to ensure that the activity is tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of your team or organization. Whether you’re searching for engaging company team building activities near me, Gold Rush can create an unforgettable experience that fosters teamwork and boosts morale.


Million Dollar challenge is a fun based Team Building Activity where you have to invest an amount and generate higher returns

Participants have to perform and complete certain task

Overview of the task will be provided to you basis which you have to select your own task 

The team which completes maximum number of  tasks and generate highest returns will be declared as the winner

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