Roller Coaster


120-180 Mins

Group Size

24-300 Participants



Mode of delivery

In Person

Activity Description

The Roller Coaster Challenge is a fun and challenging team-building activity that requires participants to collaborate and innovate to design and build an actual roller coaster that transports a ball across its rickety frame using gravity. The objective of the activity is to create a roller coaster that provides the most thrilling and exhilarating experience for the ball while also scoring the maximum points. This is an ideal contribution to your office’s repertoire of team bonding activities in office, encouraging cooperation, imagination, and problem-solving abilities among colleagues.

Activity Brief

The challenge is designed to help teams experience the thrill of working together within teams and with other teams. At the beginning of the challenge, the group which is an “Enterprise” is divided into smaller teams, and each team is commissioned to build an individual roller coaster to meet specific requirements laid down. Each team member has to take on a different role, such as the leader, structural designer, or purchase manager etc. 

Midway through the challenge, the lead facilitator announces a twist: the brief has been altered, and instead of several small roller coasters; now one big, seamless roller coaster must be built. If the team can achieve this, the enterprise can maximize its profits. 

This twist challenges the teams to make a crucial decision – whether they want to stick to their original plan or adapt and work together with other teams to build the one big roller coaster. It’s a test of teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking as the teams must collaborate effectively to achieve the revised goal. 

Throughout the challenge, teams will experience the ups and downs of the roller coaster-building process, from ideation and design to execution and testing. The thrill of seeing the roller coaster in action and the satisfaction of achieving the goal together will be a memorable experience for all participants. 

Key Focus Area

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Growth Mindset

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Focused Execution Excellence

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Creativity & Innovation

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Cross functional communication

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This activity is ideal for corporate team building events, especially those focused on creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration. It is suitable for teams of various sizes and backgrounds, from small teams to larger groups. The roller coaster challenge can also be tailored to specific organizational goals and objectives, such as improving communication skills, fostering leadership, or enhancing teamwork. 

Space Requirement

Roller Coaster activity is more suitable for indoor spaces such as large conference rooms, ballrooms or indoor event spaces. It may also require additional space for materials and equipment used in building the roller coaster. The exact space requirements may vary based on the number of participants and the size of the roller coaster that is being built. It can be delivered outdoors as well.  


The Roller Coaster challenge can be customized in various ways to fit specific team building goals and objectivesEmployer branding is a possibility.  It’s a flexible activity that can be customized to fit the culture and values of your business, which makes it a great option for team bonding activities in office.


Million Dollar challenge is a fun based Team Building Activity where you have to invest an amount and generate higher returns

Participants have to perform and complete certain task

Overview of the task will be provided to you basis which you have to select your own task 

The team which completes maximum number of  tasks and generate highest returns will be declared as the winner

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