Time Machine


120-180 Mins

Group Size

12-300 Participants


Indoor and / or Outdoor

Mode of delivery

In Person

Workshop Description

Time Machine is a new age treasure hunt which carries a potential to drive multiple learning outcomes. It is all about finding treasure from the past, present, and future. A challenge that encourages the team members to work together. This workshop requires problem-solving skills and strong communication among the team members. Improve teamwork with the best team-building activities. The workshop design ensures that the treasure collection is directly proportional to teamwork and collaboration.

Workshop Brief

Team members are taken on a time travel journey as they get ready to collect the maximum “Go Coins” which is the currency of the treasure in Time Machine.

Treasure can be found either in Past, Present or Future ie these are the three different routes each team can take to unearth the treasure. All the three routes must be taken by all the teams but which one is to take first and next is up to them.

On every route, teams need to find clues, solve the quests and / or perform team tasks in order to claim the treasure. One quest will lead them to the next and so on.

All routes have different difficulty levels and lengths based on time zone ie Past, Present & Future. The more they work together the more is the probability of collecting maximum treasure.

Time machine comes with a 360 degree unexpected twist which opens up altogether a different dimension of thinking and learning. That is why it is a new age Treasure Hunt.

Key Focus Area

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Working towards a common goal

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Problem solving

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Ideal for

Time Machine is ideal for achieving a breakthrough in collaborative action. It allows participants to get experienced insights into practical obstacles to collaboration. It also leaves them with tools to overcome these obstacles and align each other and teams to the Big Picture. Usually, The debrief brings out the themes such as helping one another, importance of organisation communication and lateral approach to problem solving. Ideal for all hierarchy levels and age groups, Time Machine is the perfect & best team building activities which can bring teams closer in an effective way.

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Space Requirement

This workshop comes with a lot of flexibility in terms of space. As this can be done completely indoor, a conference hall is more than enough. If your organisation wants to add up outdoor team tasks then some open space / lawn is required.


Time Machine offers maximum scope of customization in terms of workshop design, clues, quests, team tasks etc. based on desired outcomes. Organisational values can be integrated in the design. Employer branding is a possibility.


Million Dollar challenge is a fun based Team Building Activity where you have to invest an amount and generate higher returns

Participants have to perform and complete certain task

Overview of the task will be provided to you basis which you have to select your own task 

The team which completes maximum number of  tasks and generate highest returns will be declared as the winner

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