Team building activities for one day team outing

Top 10 Team building activities for one day team outing

The most important asset of any business is its human resource. It is important to take employee-focused initiatives and one such initiative is team building. The success of any project depends on the joint efforts of the employees and hence it is essential that a strong bond is created among the co-workers. Team bonding builds trust among the employees and helps co-workers understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This improves productivity and efficiency at workplace as the work environment becomes friendly. Outdoor team building and outdoor training activities promote creativity and develop problem-solving skills, which in turn lead to getting better results. Hence,regular team building activities are important to develop team spirit.

Corporate compass is one of the team building companies in Mumbai which can assist corporates in designing a unique team outing. So, listed below are top 10 team building activities which corporates must include in their next team outing.


In this activity, the entire team stands in a circular arrangement, holding each other’s hands. The task for the team is to transfer hoopla or ring to the next participant without letting the chain of the hands break and the hoopla should not touch the ground as well. One such cycle has to be completed within the given time frame.


Basically it is a team building activity, where a string is tied to all participants’ ankles. Each person’s leg is tied to the next person’s leg- more like three legged race. In this tied position they need to cover a distance of about 20 feet tackling few obstacles enroute. Approximately 40 minutes are given to per team.


In this activity entire team is supposed to cross acid river with the help of Magic tiles. The distance is approximately 20-25 feet and half of the way is silent zone. Magic tiles are small rubber tiles 6 inch by 6 inch. The number of tiles provided is equal to the number of participants. The basic rule of this activity is that, even if one member touches the feet down, the entire team has to restart, so it means that the team bound should be strong. Approximately 40 minutes are given to per team.


In this activity, a team member is made to stand on the edge of a raised platform of about 5-6 feet high. His hands are tied behind his back and he is also blind folded. Now, he has to fall back on his back in the arms of his team mates who are standing down facing each other, with arms extended towards the person standing opposite him or her. In other words, a bed of arms is made, on which their team mate needs to fall. While falling, the person needs to say, “I trust you guys, please take care of me.”


In this activity, a 10 feet tall girder is tied from top with three ropes and from bottom by another three ropes. From both the ends, the ropes are tied at the distance of 2 feet. Three team members will hold 3 ends and other 3 team members will hold other 3 ends. Now, the team has to make this pole stand vertical and without dragging it they must progress the pole to about 30 feet.


In this activity, a fully erected 5 men tent is dismantled in front of participants and coordinators. The task for the team is to rebuild or re-erect the tent by collecting all its accessories which are scattered around the tent’s outer and main body. This job has to be done with all participants blind folded and only one coordinator is permitted who is not blindfolded.


In this activity the team is asked to lift a person from their team on the stringed ring (Motor cycle tire with 7-8 feet rope slings attached from all sides). They need to settle the person on the ring and then with teamwork lift that person and carry him over to a 30 feet circumference circle where various resources are kept. Once the tyre ring is hanging over the 30 feet circle, the person in the ring will start picking up maximum of 3 resources at a time without touching the ground. Then the team carries the person in the ring, to a delivery area where the person delivers the resources picked up from the circle. Once again the team brings this person back to the 30 feet circle and one more time he picks other resources and delivers to the delivery area. In all there will be about 12-20resources in the 30 feet circle.


In this activity, a 6 feet tall pipe with radius of 6 inches is given to the participants. This pipe is sealed from one end and throughout the pipe there are small holes (approximately 18) placed randomly. The task is to bring a small ping pong plastic ball from the bottom of the pipe, by filling the water up to the brim. The supply bucket is kept at a distance of 20 feet and only two glasses are provided. The supply bucket and the pipe are not movable and a narrow path is divided from the supply bucket to the pipe. It takes approximately two buckets full of water to fill the pipe and all team members need to plug the holes with their hands to maintain the water level in the pipe.


In this activity, an entire group is divided into two equal groups and this activity is done only during night time. Thus, every participant must carry a torch and half of the members of the group will be blind folded and the rest of the group will be able to see, but cannot talk. One mute person will be paired with one blind folded person and will walk in the direction where the facilitator asks them to move. Rest of the group follows in the same fashion. The whole group reaches on a predetermined location and then the pairs are separated again. Now the roles are reversed and the entire group has to go back to campsite.


In this activity, per team is provided with 4 inflated tyre tubes, bamboo and wooden planks of about 7-8 feet long and brown strings etc. The task is to build a “Sustainable Raft” which they must demonstrate in real life by crossing a river or crossing a length of swimming pool etc. All this has to be done in a certain time frame and certain budget, as each team will be provided with certain “Project Finance” (fake currency notes are given as project finance). After designing, and completing the project, they also need to test and demonstrate the work-ability of the project. After that, they have to perform a soft launch of product along with marketing plan and USP of the product. A small ad campaign along with “30 sec TV commercial “, also needs to be created, which involves all team members.

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