Team Building Activities for One Day Team Outing

Top 11 Team Building Activities for One Day Team Outing

Every organisation keeps facing ups and downs while dealing with its employees. Organisation is also responsible for maintaining balanced relationships among the employees. One of the best ways to build strong bonds in the corporate workplace is with the help of  Team-building activities and workshops. There are many positive outcomes of having an employee engagement activity either in the office or on team outings. These engagement activities create a strong impact on employees and the workspace as it helps with having better communication among employees, higher productivity rate, improved performance, and boosted creativity. As compared to conducting team activities in office, having team outing activities offsite can bridge the gaps in employee interaction in a better way. Employees will relax and have fun in a new environment while performing team outing games.

Corporate Compass has proved to be one of the best team building companies across India. They are highly skilled and professional in delivering team building workshops for teams of all sizes and hierarchies. They have successfully proved to provide the best team-building activity for both in-person and virtual requirements. Here are our top 11 team building activities for one day team outings that can boost your employee’s performance. 

Stamp Me Challenge

employee engagement activity

Approximately in the 10 X 10 feet area, numbers from 1 to 35 are placed randomly. These numbers need to be printed on laminated sheets. The challenge for your team is to stamp these numbers by their feet within 45 seconds. Stamping needs to be done in a sequence covering all 35 numbers in the given time. The only rule they need to follow – while stamping, simultaneous boarding on numbers is not allowed. You can provide your teams 3 rounds to complete the challenge as usually teams encounter failure initially, they learn, strategize and finally complete the challenge as the learning curve progresses. Team who completes this in the least amount of time can be declared as the winner. 

Ring Bearer Challenge


Medium sized plastic ball is placed on the plastic ring – a ring a bit smaller than the ball, and about 10-12  strings are provided with the ring spread out in all the directions ( See the picture below). Task for your team is to lift the ball with the help of strings and without letting the ball fall off the ring, they have to take it from Point A to Point B through The Hoola Hoop Tied at a corner without touching the hoop. If the ball on the smaller ring falls during the activity, the team has to restart from Point A. You can count the time taken by all the teams to complete the challenge and the team which takes less time following all the rules, becomes the winner. 

Pengue Drop Challenge

Your Team needs to transfer a football in the relay format from the starting point to the goal post. In between there will be 4 to 6 square zones ( depending on team size) of  approximately 6X3 feet each, each zone should contain only one pair i.e. two team members from the entire team, and pairs should not leave their zone. One coordinator from the team is allowed to  coordinate the entire progress of the ball, but he / she is not  allowed to touch the ball or participants.

There is a unique way for the football to be carried and transferred. This is done in the Pengue position. Pairs  stand inside the square zone touching back and  facing outwards , they need to interlock their hands and they need to receive and give the ball on  their back between their heads ( See the picture). Any time the ball  falls the ball will need to restart from the starting  point. You can decide how many goals teams make. Winning team will be the team which makes all the goals the fastest. To make it more engaging, 2 to 4 teams can simultaneously perform this challenge. 

Electric Fence Challenge

Get 2 chairs and tie them up at a little bit higher than waist level with a rope. The distance between 2 chairs should be approximately 10 feet. The rope now can be considered as an electric fence. Entire team needs to stand on one side of the rope. The team needs to get across the electric fence without touching it. This has to be done by crossing over the fence. Crossing under and sideways is not allowed. Teams also can’t decrease the distance between the chairs to get the fence down. 

The most important thing while performing this activity is that all the team members must be connected with each other even during and after crossing the electric fence. You can calculate the time taken by each team to complete the challenge and announce the winner team which takes the least time of all. The challenge gets completed when all the team members have crossed the fence.

Safety Tip – Encourage participants to step on the upper back of their team members while crossing the fence and avoid stepping on the lower back. 

Honey Drop Challenge


In this team building activity all team members are supplied with half cut pipe sections and their task is to manoeuvre the crazy ball / marble to the goal post which is a small glass placed at 25 feet distance. The objective is to score maximum goals in the given time. Human touch with the marble is not allowed. Interlocking 2 pipes is also not allowed. The person with marble holding the pipe becomes stationary and can’t move. Rest of the team members can move. 

To add more complexity, in between at about half a distance a silent zone can be placed which prevents participants from communicating with each other  when they are in a silent zone. If the marbles fall during the activity, teams need to restart. Team engagement can be increased by making 2 or more teams perform this activity simultaneously. 

MineField Challenge


This prop intensive activity requires blindfolds, field markers and colourful balls. The markers are used to mark the minefield area and balls are placed randomly in the area. Make sure to place a lot of balls. The field should not have lots of open spaces. The balls act as metaphorical mines. The field also has multiple safe passages which are very narrow. 

The task at hand is to get all blindfolded team members to the other side of the minefield without them touching any of the mines in the least amount of time. Half of the team will be blindfolded and the other half will become communicators to give them guidance. 

You can make this activity super engaging by allowing 2 teams to play at a time on the same field. Both the teams can stand on opposite sides of the field and play simultaneously. 

Jumble Load Challenge


This is hard core problem solving team activity. Team is divided in to half and placed opposite each other facing each other in sequence in  predefined squares 4 on each side. There is 1 vacant square which is kept exactly in the middle. So in total there are 9 squares. The vacant square keeps on changing because of movements. 

The task for the team is to cross over to the other side and occupy places initially occupied by opposite team members keeping their direction the same. One person can be moved at a time only in the forward direction. Backward movement is not allowed. Also a person can  occupy either immediate vacant place available  or can bypass one person and occupy the next place. 

The activity ends when all the movements are done and both the sides have successfully crossed each other to opposite sides following rules. 

Ridleys Compass Challenge


Your team becomes an internal compass of olive ridley turtles ( various types of balls) in this team building activity to guide them towards their destination. A tarpaulin sheet representing the ocean along with 4 round holes representing the island beaches is given to the team.

Every participant holds the tarpaulin from various ends and stretches it so that it becomes flat. In the centre, 4 balls are placed representing turtles. An island will be allocated to each turtle. Your team needs to guide them to their destination i.e., every ball should go in their respective hole on the tarpaulin sheet. Tapping the sheet from the bottom is not allowed. Team to takes the least time wins. You can add complexity by numbering the turtles and ask teams to follow the ascending sequence for sending them to their islands. 

Walk of Faith


Half of the team members go from Point A to Point B – one by one using bamboo sticks and by taking support of team members. 4 half cut strong bamboo sticks are given to the team. Each stick is held by 2 team members. Likewise 4 sticks are held by 8 team members. They stand next to each other and create a horizontal ladder holding all the sticks at waist height. One team member needs to now walk on this ladder. The pairs holding bamboo keep on moving in order to cover 25 feet distance ( Between point A to point B).  As soon as the person reaches point B, everything restarts for the next person at point A till the time half of the team has made the walk. Everytime it has to be a different person taking the walk of faith. 

Upside Down Challenge


Team is given a tarpaulin sheet. The sheet has 2 sides – side A & side B. Entire team stands on side A and then turns the sheet upside down to finally stand on side B. Doing so, no team member can touch the outside ground. There is a restart if it happens. Team to complete the challenge in the least amount of time wins. 

Giant Skipping Rope Challenge


Team is given a giant rope, two members from the team swing the rope, others jump and skip it for 5 times to complete the challenge. The team is divided into half. One half will be facing North and the other half will be facing south while skipping the giant rope. This activity requires a lot of team focus and coordination. Team to complete the challenge in the least time wins. 

Additional Tips

  1. Team building activities done on outings are usually outdoor. Make sure to set the context of physical and psychological safety with the entire team before starting any activity. Ultimately the goal is not to compete with full spirit and forget that all are part of the same organisation. The goal is to develop bonds between team members and cultivate meaningful relationships at work. 
  2. Keep the first aid kit ready in the back in case someone gets physically hurt. 
  3. Above activities need preparation of props. Keep the back up props in case any of the material gets damaged as multiple teams are going to use the same. 
  4. Make sure the facilitator is able to engage all team members effectively. 
  5. Have rewards for the winning teams to increase motivation levels. 
  6. The success of any team building activity depends heavily upon how the facilitator briefs the teams about rules, objectives and guidelines. 

If you wish to receive the structured script for facilitators for above activities, feel free to reach out to us at Corporate Compass. Being the preferred team building in India for corporates, we specialise in  Building Great Teams through meaningful team building workshops. Our email id is – We wish you all the very best for the your corporate team outing.