Becton Dickinson India Pvt. Limited

Becton Dickinson India Pvt. Ltd. (BD), a company at the forefront of medical technology worldwide, recently had the opportunity to help with two separate team-building workshops. Each company team building activities catered to a different team within BD, and they all had their own unique goals and needs for the team-building activities.

No Of Employees

210 Employees

Activity Name

Million Dollar Challenge

Auction Premier League


The Importance of Collaboration

Client Background:

The primary focus of BD Medical Technologies, an international medical technology company, is the development, production, and sale of medical devices including instrument systems and reagents. The mission of BD is to advance healthcare by fostering collaboration and teamwork among its employees.

Solution Provided:

Event 1: Virtual Meeting of an International Team

BD needed to arrange an online meeting for its business unit comprising approximately 40 individuals from different countries and their respective professions, which was the first time it had been offered. The goal was to significantly involve all team members despite the virtual environment. We proposed our “Auction Premier League” workshop tailored to a football theme rather than the original cricket focussed theme. This auction activity fostered fun, engagement, and conscious collaboration among participants.

Event 2: North India HR Team External Workshop

The second event involved an external meeting of the BD North India HR Team consisting of around 35 team members. The aim was to emphasize the importance of collaboration indirectly through an engaging and experiential team building workshop. Our solution was our “Million Dollar Challenge” workshop with 20 different indoor and outdoor activities. The design of the workshop emphasized that teams achieve more when they work together and miss opportunities when they don’t, which was also confirmed during the reflective discussion.


Event 1: “Auction Premier League” workshop
The “Auction Premier League” virtual workshop involved participants in a live auction where they bid to build the best possible football team. These interactive corporate event team building activities were adapted to the diverse backgrounds of the participants and facilitated fun, engagement, and collaboration. The competitive and friendly environment encouraged team members to strategize and collaborate despite the virtual format.
Event 2: “Million Dollar Challenge” workshop
During the “Million Dollar Challenge” workshop held offsite, the HR team participated. This workshop included 20 corporate team building activities, both indoor and outdoor, designed to be interesting and challenging. Participants gained practical knowledge of teamwork but due to lack of conscious awareness of collaboration, could not perform optimally. These lessons were emphasized in a meaningful conversation that concluded the training and gave the team useful information to resume their responsibilities.

Results and Impact:

Event 1: “Auction Premier League”
Despite geographical distances, the “Auction Premier League” virtual workshop effectively involved BD’s multinational workforce and promoted a sense of unity and collaboration. The participants expressed having a great time and communicating well, and they valued the customized and distinctive approach to team development. Overall, the participants enjoyed the corporate event team building activities.
Event 2: “Million Dollar Challenge”

The HR staff of BD North India was significantly impacted by the “Million Dollar Challenge” session. Engaging and hands-on company team building activities successfully highlighted the value of teamwork, fostering stronger bonds and improved comprehension within the group. Important lessons were acquired from the brainstorming and were reinforced by the team building activities.


Our work with Becton Dickinson India (BD) showcases our expertise in crafting custom team-building activities. We were excited to team up with Becton Dickinson India (BD), a big name in medical technology. We helped them design custom team-building activities for different teams across their company. These activities worked well online and in person, which was great because BD wanted everyone to be engaged, no matter where they were working from.

The fun activities we created helped people get to know each other better and work together more smoothly. This is exactly what BD was looking for – a more collaborative and productive work environment for everyone. We’re always happy to be a partner in BD’s success!