How to Align Team Building Activities with Organizational Goals?

corporate team building activities

Corporate team building activities are a fun way to break the monotony of work and increase team communication between members. Agreed that having corporate team building activities in office, increases team motivation, communication, and strengths, but you can only achieve this when these activities are aligned with a bigger organizational goal. In this blog, we explore how corporate team building activities, when aligned with organizational goals, can bring long-term success to the corporate. 

Understanding Organizational Goals

What does it mean by ‘having organizational goals?’. It is highly important to understand what constitutes organizational goals. Every organization can have different goals, or sometimes a mixed bag of all. These goals can be either to increase productivity or communication. Or enhance creativity and innovation. Or maybe to increase leadership qualities, or improve problem-solving skills. 
Goals can be many, and the primary focus can be on achieving these goals, however, every organization needs to understand that the team building activities to align these goals should be fun and a learning experience for all the employees, as well as teams.

How to Align Team Building Activities to Organizational Goals?

Step 1

The most important step is to make the teams understand organizational goals. These goals can be anything from enhancing communication and collaboration to promoting innovation and creativity or improving problem-solving skills. It can be such individual goals, as well as, a mixed bag of all.

Step 2

Once the organization is satisfied with the goals and the teams also have clarity of the objective goal, then the next step is to align team building activities with these goals. The best way is to create tailored corporate activities. How can this be achieved?

1. Productivity

A company may aim to increase its overall productivity through corporate team building activities such as time-bound challenges, task prioritization games, etc. 

2. Communication

Having a streamlined flow of communication among teams is a goal, which every organization aims to achieve, especially between remote working members. This can be achieved by adapting to corporate team building activities indoors within the organization or in a remote environment, such as trust-building activities, cross-team collaboration tasks, virtual games, etc.  

3. Creativity and Innovation

Many organizations feel that having a constant flow of creativity and innovation helps to keep the organization afloat in the competitive trends. One of the best ways to align organizational goals of creativity and innovation is through activities such as creativity workshops, Olympiads, design creation workshops, mock sales pitches, cooking workshops, etc. 

4. Leadership

One of the most important organizational goals of a company can be enhancing the leadership skills of employees so that more skill sets are developed. This can be achieved by organizing team building activities like role-playing scenarios and organizing corporate team building activities outdoors such as hiking, adventure camps, etc. 

5. Problem-Solving

Each organization aims to solve challenges within teams effectively and swiftly, this is why problem-solving is an important organizational goal. Activities like escape room challenges, virtual murder mystery challenges, etc. act as great team building activities to enhance problem-solving skills.

Step 3

Organizations should ensure that after all the team building activities, there is a window to reflect on these activities and review their impact. It is important to discuss and understand if these activities were impactful or not, and if the teams could learn from these activities.

Step 4

The final step is to measure the impact of these team building activities. This can be achieved by conducting surveys and taking feedback from the employees who participated in these activities. It should be an option for the participant to give anonymous feedback. The organization should measure whether these activities left an impact or not among the teams. Also, there should be recurring feedback, every 2-3 months to analyse if the skills enhanced through team building activities are being applied to daily work or not.

Aligning Team building activities to organizational goals

1. Relevance

Aligned activities resonate with employees as they see a clear connection between the exercises and their daily work. This enhances engagement and motivation.

2. Strategic Focus

Instead of generic team building, alignment ensures that every activity serves a purpose in advancing the company’s mission and objectives.

3. Maximized Impact

When team building activities address specific organizational needs, they can directly contribute to improved productivity, communication, collaboration, and other desired outcomes.

Why organizations invest money and time into team building activities, is because they want to see visible and extensive results in the betterment of their work. Therefore, it is crucial to align team building activities with organizational goals. If you are thinking that how can I find the best corporate team building activities near me, then we at Corporate Compass are here to help. We will ensure that all our team building activities are aligned with your organizational goals helping to transform these activities into meaningful investments.