60-90 Mins

Group Size

20-200 Participants



Mode of delivery


Activity Description

Geoquest is an electrifying and mind-boggling game that can be played by the participants within the comfort of their homes. The game tests the participants’ geographical knowledge and thinking capacity, all while forcing them to race against time. 

Activity Brief

Sophisticated software is used to help the participants pick any geographical location on Earth, and a quest is created for them using riddles, physical challenges, clues and many more interesting tasks. 

The rule is simple — the team that finishes the game the fastest, outsourcing the other teams, is declared the winner. Every minute and point counts here like money in business does.

Geoquest is undeniably one of the most adrenaline-inducing, competitive games that one can play over any online platform.

Key Focus Area

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keen-observation icon

Keen observation

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Decision making

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Time management

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Is this right for your team

Ideal for

Let us entertain, educate, and captivate your co-workers, clients, or meeting attendees with our private at-home Geoquest experience offered over a Zoom /Teams/Google meet etc. video conference.   

Whether you’re looking for team building, Virtual client appreciation event, Corporate Compass provides an unforgettable, team-enhancing experience.

Space Requirement

Can be done from Home or in the Office space , Meeting room, Cabin etc


Client Branding will be done on the presentations.  
Requirement – Laptop or phone

Props – No Props

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