Team Trekking

Team Trekking

“Great Things are done when men and mountains meet” – William Blake

Trekking – Having catered to more than 15,000 corporate trekkers across India, we have a reliable system as well as leaders team to execute 150+ short treks (1 Day to 3 Days) around Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and other major cosmopolitan cities across India. A great option for companies interested in quick and cost-effective outdoor getaway! As you and your colleagues step into the wild on a trek, the memories of targets to be achieved and bills to be paid fade into the distance. You stand mesmerised by your surroundings and take in the clean crisp air that you long for in the city. Based on each corporate trekking group’s need we devise treks of varying levels of difficulty. We can include other activities in the trek such as river rafting, rappelling and camping.

Trekking has proved to be one of the most popular outdoor team building activities favored by many MNCs. Most treks are organised during cooler weather such as the monsoon or winters to help those who are new to the sport get acclimatised to the activity and enjoy it. So, whether your team consists of seasoned trekkers looking for challenging terrain, or you want a comfortable relaxing stroll through nature, Corporate Compass has something exclusively for you.

How To Select a right trek for your team?
We have categories all the treks in 3 grades i.e easy, moderate and difficult. This categorization is based on criteria like trekking duration, trekking inclination, season of trekking and so on. However personal fitness levels, trekking skills & past trekking experiences, group size and average age of a group are the variable things which can sometimes make the difficult trek an easy one. Trekking grades are subjective. It totally depends on many variable parameters. Hence you can get in touch with our experts and get consultation for choosing a right trek for your team.

Offshoot :
Trekking encourages team bonding by using a challenging activity to develop an important close-knit relationship between colleagues and their superiors. Focus is on learning to lead by example, slowing down to help those in need, understanding the importance of following orders to get ahead, and most of all, maintaining a pace of movement that is comfortable with the whole group. A trek helps you always stay alert, communicate efficiently, develop resilience, think critically, stay calm, and never take anything for granted. We also aim to help participants develop a sense of respect for the surrounding environment.