10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Corporate Team Outings

Corporate outing programs have many useful perks. These team-building activities help employees build connections, improve communication, help in achieving goals, and most importantly help in building a more cooperative work atmosphere.Team outings for employees working in a pressured workspace have been proven to be the most practical way to calm their stress.

Employee engagement activities have been enhancing many corporate workplaces helping companies bring creative solutions and enhance better problem-solving capabilities among employees. So, meeting every employee from various departments is possible through corporate outings. Hence, utilize the corporate team outings as a way to extend interaction with fresh and senior employees. But before diving into any team-building activities, some essential rules need to be followed. These little facts will double the joy of being involved in corporate outings. 

Here are some important Do’s and Don’ts listed below and every player needs to know about these while participating in any employee engagement activity.


Corporate Team Outings

Team outings are a part of professional journeys. Every employee from various departments collaborates and shares their experience in cracking the problem with the teams in the team-building activity. Team outings have been effectively helping companies by increasing the productivity rate, improving the performance of the employees, communal workspace, and developing a strong network. Hence, here are some important measures that every player needs to follow at the company team outing.

Do Proper Planning

Currently, with the evolving corporate sectors there are many team building organizers which are competing to provide the best company outing. Hiring new-aged organizers can be a great idea as they come up with new innovative ideas to increase the fun of the outings. But it’s necessary to choose wisely as experienced organizers can provide streamlined and organized services. Moreover, experienced team organizers can handle any unbound challenges and are more trustworthy. 

While planning for any corporate team outing for your employees, then choose a trending, popular, and typical team-building organizer that can provide you with the best corporate outing packages, meet your requirements, and provide a memorable experience for your employees. Perform a deep research about the organizers as it is very important for the company employees. The team outing is to get every employee together at a single platform. So selecting a productive and interactive activity becomes the highest priority. Choosing a lethargic and outdated team outing organizer can ruin the outing vibe. 

After choosing the right team building activity organizer, it’s necessary to select a comfortable venue. Ensure that every facility is available in the venue right from food, washroom facility, transportation, and other. Most team building activity is conducted in places where there is less crowd as most employees are uncomfortable with crowded places. 

Check the weather forecast of the venue and also prepare a proper backup plan which can be helpful in emergency conditions.

Do Stay with the Teams and Follow Instructions Carefully

Usually, corporate team outings are conducted in places that are exclusively new to employees. The company outings happen in hill stations, natural habitats, forest areas, parks, beaches, and many more. So it’s always advised to stay with the crowd and avoid roaming around in any unknown places. As these areas usually have weak networks it might be difficult to contact your teams. Hence, getting lost in such corporate outings spots can ruin the vibe of activity as they might be busy searching for you.

Do Properly Encourage Every Participant in the Activity

Team building activities are a relatively new and evolving concept. And every company has employees of different ages. Therefore, employees are hesitant to adapt to such new trends. Hence it is an important duty to encourage your team members to be actively involved and show their potential by participating in various activities. Some employees suffer from low self-esteem, and helping such shy and introverted employees to participate in activities improves their bond with each other. Most of the employees feel these activities are a waste of time. So, motivating them to participate is a part of team building activity.

Do Capture the Moments

Corporate team outing cherishes the real happiness and relaxed faces of the employees. Most of the employees rarely come across such cheerful moments in life as they enter into the corporate world. So, Capturing the moments of such priceless moments by clicking pictures, recording the short videos, and sharing with them will add more joy to the corporate outing. These small gestures with the team members will help in building a strong network and increase the confidence level to interact easily with the employees. 

When taking photos or recording videos, be sure to ask permission from the staff if they are comfortable being in front of the camera while participating in the activity.

Do Participate with a Positive Mindset

Corporate outings will be a break from daily routine life. However, corporate outings require bonding and working in teams. While participating in any team building activity, having a positive mindset and facing every challenge sportively is a necessary move in company team outings. Moreover, employees need to step out of their comfort zone and participate in these team building activities. If the task is tough and new to the players then discussing and solving it enhances the problem-solving capability among the team members. Corporate team outings require a creative solution while participating in any kind of activity. Try to participate in all possible types of activities, whether you lose or win, it’s just a fun time with your colleagues.

Do Choose an Interesting and Effective Theme

These days Team building organizers come up with many interesting ideas that are beyond our thinking. But every innovative team building activity cannot impress every employee. Some might hesitate to participate while some might feel it is difficult. So choosing a proper theme can motivate employees to participate. 

If the employees are super seniors then the theme must resonate with their age. Also, aged employees usually avoid physically challenging activities. So these minute details need to be considered while choosing the theme. Further, if the employees are in their early thirties or forties then choose new innovative and trending employee engagement activities. Understanding the employee’s interests can be a great idea to make the outing more joyful. 

Select the theme of the team building activity that is as inspiring as possible. The main intention of a corporate outing event is to motivate and inspire the team to work well together. Having a proper theme will help the organizer to plan appropriately. Also, the right theme can make a memorable experience for the employees. Hence, choose a proper and evocative theme for your corporate team outing.

Do Set Proper Goals

While participating in any team building activity, it’s necessary to set clear goals that help teams to work together. Sharing the roadmap of events or details about the activities that are going to be carried out will allow teams to prepare for the event. To achieve proper goals a skilled team is a necessary thing. Communicating and sharing updates about the progress will make the outing more meaningful. Ensure that every participant is allowed to share their opinion which helps to solve any team problem quickly.

Do Work in Groups

Company outings are deliberately arranged so that employees can come together from various departments and interact with each other. However, some employees always stay alone while working in the workplace and never try to collaborate. There are activities like tug-of-war where the team needs to participate in a group. Where winning is impossible if there is no collaboration with other employees. There are many other outing activities where a person cannot solve or win the activity, all alone. 

Collaborating with groups helps the problem-solving ability during team activities. Each employee shares their experience about tackling the problem. Hence team building activities are designed to motivate such employees who usually work in a closet. 

Do have Mixed Types of Activities

When planning a team building activity try to schedule more activities. Also, have activities that are funny, challenging, and that require lots of thinking. Having a combination of a variety of events will be less boring and engaging. If there are physically challenging events then employees and teams will be unable to participate in all the planned activities. Hence, plan wisely and discuss with the organizers as they can help in providing the best insights about the team building activities. Do different activities, which are easy and some more difficult. But be sure to create a balance between the two so that the overall fun doesn’t get lost in the event. 

Do Carry Additional Clothes, Sheets, and Cosmetics

Team building activities have more joy when held outdoors. If the team building activities are held in hill stations then you need to carry extra woolen clothes which can keep you warm. Further, if the activities involve playing with water such as a water rafting race or a cardboard boat race, then carrying additional clothes is recommended. 

If the activities are being held on beaches or seashores try wearing thin and light clothes, and carry necessary ointment, sunscreen, cap, sunglasses, and other necessary stuff. These might be helpful while you are participating in a corporate team outing. Further, if you are staying in camps during corporate outings then carry bed sheets that can keep you warm.


A company outing is a precious moment where everyone enjoys various   team-building activities.  Maintaining proper and qualifying dignity is a necessary duty of every individual.  However to avoid any guilty, sad, and boring moments in the professional journey, then follow the below-mentioned Don’ts in the corporate outing.

development in leadership

Don't Try to Experiment with Risky Things or Force Employees

Don’t create team building activities that are too physically demanding for any team member. Some employees are not comfortable participating in tough activities.  Physical activities can be memorable events, but choosing the right activity can allow everyone to participate. So avoid forcing them as they might not feel safe and secure in those types of events. Moreover, try activities that have already been performed in the past, and avoid experimenting during corporate outings. Experimenting with new activities can be dangerous and can be risky for other employees. 

Avoid provoking animals in natural habitats which can be dangerous and avoid entering into restricted areas while visiting any corporate outing spots. Moreover, avoid exploring the forest area.

Don't Use the Job Titles or Hierarchy

While performing team building activities it’s necessary to interact with every employee in a friendly manner. Some employees might feel uncomfortable and hesitate to play actively when they encounter seniors or managers in the activities. 

The purpose of team building events is to get all members working together on the same level. In this case, it does not matter who is the manager, assistant, worker, trainee, or intern. Everyone is on the same playing field. When managers start leading and employees simply follow their lead, it feels like a normal routine day at the workplace and ruins the company outing.

Hence avoiding Job titles or level of ranks in the team building outings can double the joy and it will be more funnier. 

Don't Plan Team Building Activities during Unfavorable Seasons

Team building activities bring great joy when performed outdoors. It can cheer the mood of employees. However, Avoid planning outdoor team building activities during monsoon season, as the weather can be uncertain and it can ruin the mood and enthusiasm of employees. 

During the monsoon, climate change can directly affect the health of employees. Some employees might suffer from health issues, and conducting outdoor team outings in such unfavorable climatic conditions can be dangerous to their health. So choosing an appropriate season which is suitable for team building activities makes a huge difference. Also, avoid performing outdoor corporate outings during the hot summer, as some employees plan family outings during this season. Hence, for corporate outings winter season is the best time for performing outdoor team-building activities. Indoor Team Outings can be planned throughout the year.

Don’t Discuss Regarding Workspace Beyond the Specific Agenda and Scheduled Time

Team outing is a unique opportunity for employees to collaborate with colleagues where they can have fun and also discuss their workspace matters. However, during the team outing the team building activities need to be balanced with the workspace matter within a specific schedule. 

The team-building activities need to be a primary focus and need to be prioritized in the first place. If the conversation about business is important during team outings, then it needs to be scheduled at a separate time. Dedicating specific slots for business-related talks or having a proper timetable won’t harm the fun of the activities. Moreover, If business talks are necessary during the company outing, make sure they are brief and productive so the staff won’t get bored.

Don't Create any Embarrassing Moments

The things that happened in the past are to be forgotten. Raising those bitter incidents about the workspace will discourage the employees from participating in activities and impact their confidence level. Avoid humiliating and insulting employees with those incidents as it can create a worse experience for every employee. Everyone has a drawback in their career and some employees carry the trauma of such incidents. However, team building activities can resolve those fears. 

Don’t make any uncomfortable moments in the corporate outings such as making fun of random employees in front of other departments, or things that involve personal life matters. Company team outings are to make a memorable moment, but if such embarrassing moments occur, then employees hesitate to participate in team building activities in the future.

Do Not Conduct Team Building Exercises at the Workplace.

The purpose of organizing team-building activities is to make employees feel more relaxed and alter the environment. However, conducting employee engagement activities in the office can be a wrong decision. 

Corporate outings will provide a sense of escape from the normal routine. However, holding a team building program in the office might restrict employees from showcasing their potential in the activity, and also there might be a lack of interest in adapting to new things.

The second issue is that there may not be sufficient space in the small office to carry out heavy action activities. Hence, this might just kill the excitement of the employees. In addition, the office environment might keep disturbing employees with calls, and the other busy working staff. This might interrupt the employees and won’t allow them to participate actively in any activity. 

Thus, there are many benefits of holding team-building activities in offsite locations. This allows employees to explore the new environment, showcase their creativity, and participate in the activities without any distractions.

Don't Choose an Outdated and Impractical Activity

The corporate world has employees of different age groups. Some are seniors who are interested in simple and easy activities, while newbies are keenly interested in innovative, and challenging activities. Hence, understand the employees and then choose a proper theme for the team outing. Also, Avoid planning only one activity, try to add multiple activities so that employees can participate in at least one activity in the corporate outing. Also, avoid choosing expensive employee engagement activities that are not feasible for all employees. 

Don’t just stick to the same outdated team building activities. Many exciting and innovative ideas can be performed with the team. With the help of the internet where there are so many different team activities for corporate outings.

Don't Cross the Limit

Team outings are planned to interact with other employees and have fun. But everything needs to be limited as the outing is completely professional. Try to stick to professionalism while participating in team outings. Corporate team outings are still related to your professional life, and if misbehaved then it can negatively impact your career. Hence, avoid crossing limits, and maintain proper dignity while participating in employee engagement activity.

Avoid wedding proposals or avoid asking for dates from your colleagues in the team outing, which can make the employees uncomfortable. Respect every employee in the outing, and avoid raising your voice or using vernacular language which can cause discomfort for other employees. Avoid hate speech, or abusing employees on outings.

Don't Use Electronic Gadgets Frequently as long as they are Absolutely Needed.

Team-building activities are a fabulous way to build strong bonds with employees. While participating in team building activities, most activities involve using your smartphone. These days most activities are advanced and adapt technology to double the joy. 

However, avoid frequent use of your smartphone when it is not necessary. Also when you feel like resting or tired during team activities then watch the team fun rather than using your smartphone. Moreover, avoid doing stuff on your smartphone that can cause distraction such as watching the stock market, texting, scrolling reels on social media, avoiding long phone calls, playing mobile games, checking your emails, and much more. 

Further, collect pictures and videos of the moment. But avoid capturing the moment of the entire event, as your participation is also necessary in the team-building activity.

Don’t Forget to Wind the Activities in Time

Team building activities need to be performed within a stipulated time. It can be normal working hours. Beyond that employees can rest and roam around the outing spot. 

If the activity is conducted the entire day then employees may feel tired and they might not get enough time for their personal space. 

Avoid conducting activities late at night as some employees have health issues and need compulsory rest. Considering such minute details about employees is necessary while planning any employee engagement activity. 

Corporate outings are turning into the best stress reliever. Employee engagement activities have been helping many corporations to build good relationships with other employees. Team building activities empower employees who have a fear of expressing their opinions in the workspace. Team outing is planned to improve the bond among the employees in the workspace and maintain a healthy atmosphere. 

Team outings have the potential to change the attitude of the employees and help them face any challenging situation in their workspace. These team building activities work as a bridge to build a small network among the employees under an organization. To avoid carrying any stress from company team outings it’s better to follow some Do’s and Don’ts.