15 Fun Outdoor Team Building Activities 

One of the tried and tested ways, for any organization, to increase communication and teamwork among employees, is through outdoor team building activities. These activities are a powerful tool to foster collaboration and problem-solving skills among the employees. 

So, suppose you are an organization looking for some best outdoor team building games that promise an environment full of fun and learning experiences. In that case, these 15 outdoor team building activities are a must for you. 

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is fun, thrilling, and requires communication. Organizations can plan scavenger hunts either within their office compound or at some nice outdoor location. A list is given to the employees and they have to find every item on that list within a specified time, through the help of clues. This is an activity that is best played with teams and boosts communication and teamwork among employees. 

Million Dollar Challenge

A perfect team building activity that brings out the element of ‘collaboration’. The team members get a chance to learn risk management and maximize their collective strengths and team building through this activity. The purpose is to invest fictitious millions of dollars to generate millions of dollars in return by completing many indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Meri Awaaz Suno

As the name goes, this activity is to understand verbal and non-verbal instructions and take actions based on the same. This activity tests coordination, teamwork as well as communication. The teammates have to work together to reach a common goal. 

Egg drop

A childhood sports day classic! Employees are split into small groups and each group is given an egg and some building materials. The agenda is to build something that can act as a shield for the egg and prevent the egg from surviving a fall. The team whose egg survives is a winner. 

Activity Marathon

This game is an exciting combination of outdoor team activities that challenge participants’ time management and teamwork skills. Activity Marathon game challenges employees’ physical as well as mental capabilities. Several tasks are given to the teams which they are required to complete within a specified time limit. The winning team is decided by the total time taken by a team to complete all activities, ensuring maximum participation.

Charity Run

If an organization is looking for outdoor team bonding activities, wherein the teams feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging, then a charity run is a great activity. In this, an entire team joins for a run for a charity. This makes the employees engage, bond, and interact with each other.

Tree planting

If a charity run is something you feel not every team member would be comfortable with, then you can also plan a plant-a-tree event. Wherein, teams come together by going out and planting trees. These trees can be planted either in the office area or in association with some NGO. This activity allows the team members to work together, form a bond, and give back to the community. 

Time Machine

A treasure hunt that is all about finding treasure from the past, present, and, future. Team members are taken on a time travel journey and they have to collect the maximum “Go Coins” which is the currency of the treasure in Time Machine. Treasure can be found either in the Past, Present, or Future. This challenging game requires problem-solving skills and strong communication among team members. 

Team Olympics

Team Olympics exciting outdoor game ensures maximum fun and competition. It is a perfect activity for corporate events involving team building games. The series of activities challenges the employees to manage time management and improves their teamwork.

Geo Hunt

Geo Hunt ultimate combination of technology and physical game divided into sub-activities. The teams will not only out their logical, decision-making, and sporting tactics but also their teamwork to test as they compete to complete a series of Olympic-styled innovative team tasks. 

Fitness Classes

Outdoors calls for a fitness challenge! Imagine a beautiful ground, wherein you gather your team for a morning of yoga, or a fun fitness routine, followed by a nice hearty potluck breakfast!  This activity promotes employee well-being, fosters a sense of unity, and encourages a healthy lifestyle.


Hiking is a very popular outdoor activity for the creation of a team-building environment among employees, as well as management. This activity takes the employees out of their comfort zone, makes them work together as a team, supports members, and establishes strong relationships. This is one activity, wherein the members can initiate conversations, recognize their strengths, and develop a sense of trust by being in a vulnerable environment, wherein they need to depend on their teammates for support and motivation. 

Team Retreats

One thing that will make your employees happy? Is a day-long retreat to a nearby destination. This activity acts as an opportunity for employees to connect with other team members through discussions and fun activities. Organizations can make this day-long retreat exciting by organizing activities like tug-of-war, human tic tac toe, etc. 

Team Potluck

A team potluck is one activity that will give your employees time off to relax and a chance to wear their chef/baker hats! The employees will simply play games, share food, chat, and relax in this activity. All you need is to choose a nice open field, make arrangements for setting up food and drinks, have light music, and let the employees mingle with other team members and communicate. 

Team Sports Tournament

In this activity, employees are divided into teams and are made to compete in a series of games to win prizes. Through this activity, employees learn teamwork, effective communication, and discipline. All you need is a large field where activities like tug-of-war, volleyball, badminton, handball. Relay races etc, can be played. Like we played on school sports day! To make this game more interactive and interesting, you can make colored jerseys for different teams. 

Outdoor team building activities are important, fun, and exciting which the employees can be a part of outside the office.  These games help employees interact with each other, and communicate. These activities help strengthen work relationships among employees and increase efficiency at the workplace.